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CAE Discussions Series #1: Would You Treat This Molar Endo Case?

In this edition, we’re presenting the first episode in our series featuring the Canadian Academy of Endodontics (CAE). Join Dr. John O’Keefe in conversation with both Dr. Rodrigo Cunha, an endodontist in Winnipeg and a member of the Executive Board of the Canadian Academy of Endodontics, and Dr. Tom Shackleton, a general practitioner based in Calgary who performs many endodontic procedures in his practice.     

Together, this panel reviews and discusses a clinical case prepared and presented by Dr. Shackleton about a molar root canal. Throughout this review, the Drs reference and discuss the CAE Case Classification According to Difficulty and Risk tool. This CAE tool is designed to help dentists determine whether or not a case can be treated in their practice or if the patient should be referred to an endodontist.   


  • Overview of the tools and technology used by Dr. Shackleton to provide endodontic treatment.
  • Case report, details, and patient history as well as the results of extra-oral and clinical examinations of a 60-year old male who presented with pain in his lower right jaw.
  • Evaluation and discussion of patient CBCT (cone beam CT) images as well as considerations for ordering a CBCT scan rather than, or in addition to, a radiographic scan.
  • Diagnosis and treatment options reviewed and discussed with the patient, including complexities resulting from uncertain prognosis. In this case, due to a possible root crack. 
  • The importance of providing patients with treatment options and communicating those options based on a reliable and objective prognosis.
  • Considering and applying the CAE’s Case Classification According to the Degrees of Difficulty and Risk tool to determine this patient’s total risk. 
  • How the availability of certain technologies and tools can make a difference in the dental practice.
  • Details and conversation regarding the applied treatment.
  • Treatment outcomes and patient follow-up. 

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  1. Robert Letnick October 23, 2019

    If you use biodentine and a final filling only at the access, there is zero possibility of microleakage

  2. Cheryl Vertefeuille October 24, 2019

    Very good discussion. Thank you for this.


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