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Implantology Supporting Your Practice

View from the Chairside: Should I get into implants and Where to begin?

Today, Dr. Mike Racich returns with another presentation. This time, he’s taking focus on two implant-related questions that are frequently asked by dentists contemplating the addition of implants to their practice:

  1. What course or institutes would you recommend?
  2. What implant system should I consider purchasing?


About Dr. Mike Racich

Dr. Racich is a general dentist in Vancouver, British Columbia, and a graduate of UBC Dental School with more than 30-years’ experience. Since the late 1990’s, he has been mentoring his dental colleagues and does so currently via didactic and clinical study clubs, coaching, consultation, proprietary programs, and lecturing. He has also written several dental articles in peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed publications, and authored three books

In this presentation style Oasis video, Dr. Racich guides dentists to better understand:

  • What questions to ask yourself before engaging in the extensive process of learning to undertake complex surgical procedures.
  • Reflecting on the requirements for completing implants within a dental office, including staff, equipment, and capacity.
  • What steps dentists can take to learn if implant surgery is right for them and for their practice.
  • How to select implant courses and training providers.
  • How to learn more by attending meetings dedicated to implantology provided by training institutes.
  • Why following the 80/15/5 rule can help your practice, learning, and general knowledge.

Contact Dr. Racich directly to learn more or ask a question.


Read/download the transcript of the presentation (PDF)

Oasis Moment/Preview (1.38″)

Full Presentation (9.01″)

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1 Comment

  1. Dr . Jack Zosky, OMFS July 17, 2019

    Interesting talk by Dr Racich and I agree with all that he described insofar as observing surgeries and prosthetic rehabilitation and going to the conferences given by the Implant Societies he identified. However, one must be familiar with the Guidelines for implant dentistry education mandated by your Provincial Dental College which in Ontario for example has specific hours of education that must be taken in various categories such as basic bone biology, diagnosis and treatment planning, distinguishing between simple and complex cases, as well as surgical and restorative techniques. There are didactic and hands-on workshop component requirements as well. There are courses in Toronto that cover all the RCDSO guidelines which are excellent i.e. Genesis CDE, PACE, University of Toronto CDE. Check with your own Provincial College if they require continuing education hours relative to implant dentistry.


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