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ODA ASM Booth Visit: Philips Air Floss Pro

Note: The content in this post is provided as information only. It is intended to inform dentists about the latest products exhibited throughout the provincial dental meetings. CDA Oasis does not endorse or promote these products. 

During the past ODA ASM conference, Dr. John O’Keefe toured the conference exhibition floor to learn more about new dental tools and technology. In this booth visit, Dr. John O’Keefe speaks with Sheela Hamdard of Philips about the AirFloss Pro.

During this conference booth visit, Dr. O’Keefe learns about:

  • Why dentists should use the AirFloss Pro in their practice.
  • The advantage of using the AirFloss Pro for patients whose daily flossing is inconsistent.
  • How the AirFloss Pro works and its features, including a product demonstration.
  • How the AirFloss Pro compares to other products on the market.

Learn more about the AirFloss Pro from Philips. 


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Read/download the transcript of the conversation (PDF)

Full Video (3.09″)



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