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The 5-Min case – Case 4 with Dr. Paul Belzycki


A 13-year-old breaks the edges of the centrals a few days before a major life event. How did Dr. elzycki treat and follow up the case?

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Full Case Presentation (4.14")


  1. Casmeara Morrow October 7, 2020

    I’ve noticed in this case you fused the crowns together. Why did you choose to do this? Why not use two individual crowns to allow for adequate cleaning?

  2. Dr. Paul Belzycki October 8, 2020

    Rationale for overall design:

    Clearly stated in the presentation is the need to secure the four incisors after orthodontic movement. Orthodontic wires were already present uniting central and laterals bilaterally. My thoughts were to provide as much stability as possible, hence the concept of splinting the two centrals together by a common Zirconia framework and then two separate wires attaching this complex to the laterals.

    With regards to adequate cleaning:

    The attached photographs are representative of the current gingival health. It clearly shows healthy stippled gingiva around the splinted-crowns. If properly designed with anatomically correct embrasure space, splinted-crowns are no less cleansable than separate crowns joined with orthodontic wire. In fact I would argue the opposite; expertly designed and crafted crowns are more cleansable that composite resin and wires and far more durable over the long-term. This has been my experience and the photographs bear witness to this proposition, as it depicts the presence of healthy surrounding tissue. Of course the patient is given instructions to pass an interproximal brush between the splinted crowns on a daily basis. This is far easier than trying flossing.


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