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Troubleshooting Local Anesthetics

For many recent dental graduates, administering a local anesthetic can be one of the more nerve-wracking aspects of daily practice. Lack of experience, choice of agent and technique, and the potential for patient anxiety are just some of the variables that can make for a very stressful experience.

Greg Allan is a 4th year DMD student at UBC who has an interesting in Oral Surgery and Anesthesia. In this informative interview, he quizzes Dr. Derek Decloux, a dental anesthesia specialist from Hamilton, ON, on best practices in the use of mandibular blocks.

Dr. Decloux draws from his considerable experience in pinpointing what he sees as the key factors in mandibular block success. He stresses the importance of not becoming too reliant on any one technique and gives valuable tips on developing a practice that will deliver the best possible results for you and your patient.

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Full Conversation (15.36")

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