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Systematic Interpretation of Common Dental Radiographs Episode 11: Abnormal Acquired Cysts

Dr. Bob Wood continues his series of presentations on the systematic interpretation of common dental radiographs. After presenting on infections of the jaw, Dr. Wood speaks about abnormal acquired cysts.


  1. A typical cyst is usually found in the tooth bearing parts of the jaw. The location of the cyst may sometimes indicate its nature.
  2. Cysts are almost universally radiolucent, and their epicenter is the center of a balloon, if you think of their growth mechanism as a balloon-like expansion.
  3. They're in most cases well demarcated unless they're infected; and if they have been in the jaw for a long period of tine, they often have a cortex.
  4. Be aware that by the time you see a patient with a cyst, the cause of that cyst might be gone. A rotten tooth which may have caused the cyst might have fallen already.

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Oasis Moment/Preview (3.43")

Full Presentation (23.13")

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