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Systematic Interpretation of Common Dental Radiographs: Episode 6: Maximizing Your Diagnostic Yield

Dr. Bob Wood, specialist in oral and maxillofacial radiology at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, joins Dr. John O’Keefe in the 6th episode of a series of video presentations that help clinicians to systematically review and interpret their radiographs. Using real clinical cases, Dr. Wood points out the required steps to get to an accurate interpretation that leads to a precise diagnosis. 

In this 6th episode, Dr. Wood speaks about a classification system that helps organize observations collected from pantomographs and how to use those observations to diagnose conditions that may present to clinicians.

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Read/download the transcript of the conversation and the presentation (PDF)

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  1. Olga Rodrigues January 27, 2019

    Super presentation! Thank you, Dr. Wood! I copied your list and will start using it tomorrow. I am pretty good at “seeing” abnormalities on panoramic images, but I have not being able to figure out an approach to taking it further.
    Please, come back with more presentations!

  2. Khalid Marzouk April 12, 2019

    Great and very useful presentations


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