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Systematic Interpretation of Common Dental Radiographs, Episode 9: Sussing Out the Four Remaining Cases

Continuing our series of applying a systematic approach to interpreting dental radiographs, Dr. Bob Wood reviews four additional case studies.  

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Read/download the transcript of the case presentation (PDF)

Download the Observation Checklist (PDF)

Other Episodes in the Series

Four (4) Cases Reviewed 

  1. Patient visiting for an examination prior to a right mandible implant placement.
  2. Screening pan of a patient scheduled for a heart valve replacement.
  3. Planned extraction of upper left third molar.
  4. Wild card: unknown issue with multiple potential areas of interest.

The case presentation will help viewers review four separate cases/films and use the PDF provided to learn to:

  • Review and evaluate radiographs consistently following a strict procedure to reach a diagnosis.
  • Evaluate for quality, effectively use the observation checklist and determine “what disease it is not”.
  • Review of how to use the observation checklist.
  • Go through each case in guided detail to review and validate your case study observations and diagnosis.
  • Formulating a differential diagnosis and identifying needs for further testing.

In addition, Dr. Wood will highlight areas of interest and concern for each of the four cases and how each should be dealt with.  

Oasis Moment/Preview (2.24″)

Full Case Presentation (46.50″)


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