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Will Endodontics Finally Get a Paradigm Shift?

Endodontic technologies and biomaterials have undergone substantial advances in the last decade. In spite of these advances, some integral limitations in endodontic treatment continue to persist. 

This year, at the annual meeting of the Canadian Academy of Endodontics, happening September 18 to 21 in Mont Tremblant, Dr. Anil Kishen, Professor of Endodontics at the University of Toronto, will give the George Hare Lecture, looking at the future of endodontics. This lecture will cover the application of engineered nanoparticles, the potential paradigm shift for the treatment of teeth with apical periodontitis.

Join Dr. John O’Keefe for his conversation with Dr. Kishen discussing his upcoming conference talk:

  • Are oral health providers ready for a paradigm shift in endodontics?
  • Development of minimally-invasive techniques that predictably disinfect the infected root canal system, reverse disease-mediated dentinal changes, improve mechanical integrity of root and regulate post-treatment healing response.
  • Changes in instruments and practices that may change the outcome of a root canal treatment.
  • Using a new concept to improve the mechanical integrity of dentin and improving healing patterns in challenging cases.
  • The approach of mechanically cleaning and disinfecting diverse and varied root canal systems.
  • How these materials can be applied in a clinical setting and if they are available for use in dental practices.
  • Implications and applications of new materials for general dentists.

Learn more about the annual meeting of the Canadian Academy of Endodontics or register to attend.


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Read/download the transcript of the conversation (PDF)

Full Conversation (9.10″)


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  1. George Boutros August 29, 2019

    please regarding these new medicaments that endodontic specialist talk about it if i am not able to attend the course how i can reach it in the future i am very interested to know about it.
    thank you.


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