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Pain after root canal treatment: What have we learned from Practice-based Research?

This September 18 to 21, in Mont Tremblant, the Canadian Academy of Endodontists (CAE) is holding its 55th annual meeting.

Open to endodontists and general dentists alike, the conference features speakers, workshops, sessions and social activities.

In this conversation, Dr. John O’Keefe is joined by CAE annual meeting speaker, Dr. Alan Law, a Minnesota-based endodontist and expert in pain management related to endodontic pain.

Watch their conversation about the risk factors associated with post-operative pain and how to mitigate them.  

In this session preview, Dr. Law highlights aspects of his talk including:

  • Contributing factors to pain and how they may be involved in the initiation, development, or perpetuation of, or results from the illness.
  • How the contributing factors may directly or indirectly complicate the illness and its management.
  • Overview of research and data from an observational study of patients receiving initial root canal treatment.
  • Treating underlying pain with pre-emptive, intraoperative, or post-treatment strategies.
  • Risk-assessment tools and taking a patient-specific approach to treat pain for different patients.

Learn more about the Canadian Academy of Endodondists annual meeting and register to attend. 

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CDA Oasis Team

Read/download the transcript of the conversation (PDF)


Oasis Moment Preview (1.47″)



Full Conversation (10.05″)





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  1. Brady September 7, 2019

    Interesting topic. Always important to minimize pain as much as possible and when you can predict it you are better able to minimize it.

    Question regarding your bullet point, ‘single visit’. Is this found to increase likelihood of post-treatment pain or lessen it?

    Thank you


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