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Myth Buster Series: Is Honey Better Than Sugar?

April is Oral Health Month. And this year, CDA OASIS is busting myths and tackling topics including pregnancy and dental health, what really erodes enamel, cyber security for dentists, social media, and more! 

Myth or Fact? Honey is not as cariogenic as sugar?

It’s a myth. Honey, though natural is still a mix of fructose and glucose. And where there’s sugar, there’s acid.

When we eat foods that contain sugar, the naturally-occurring bacteria that live in our mouths feed on that same sugar–in this case, honey–and excrete an acid byproduct that can break down tooth enamel. Acid demineralizes tooth enamel which leads to tooth decay. The more sugar in the mouth, the more the bacteria has to feed on and the more tooth-decaying acid will be present.

While honey does have antibacterial properties, these typically don’t apply when honey is ingested.

Learn more about the role of diet in disease and caries prevention.

What are your patients asking about honey versus sugar? We want to hear from you!

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Happy Oral Health Month!

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