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CAPD: Collaboration Moves Dentistry Forward

The Canadian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry is the national voice of pediatric dentistry in canada. It is a membership organization, representing over 300 pediatric dentists across Canada. CAPD members serve as primary and comprehensive oral health care providers for thousands of children from infancy through adolescence. With specialized techniques of behaviour management and dental care, pediatric dentists provide the diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic and consultative expertise required by children, including those with special care needs. 

Dr. Raymond Lee, pediatric dentists and current CAPD President, sat with Dr. John O’Keefe to speak about the role CAPD plays in the Canadian dentistry landscape and how collaboration between pediatric and general dentists is instrumental for the provision of successful treatments for pediatric patients. Dr. Lee received a Bachelor of Mathematics (BMath, 1988) from the University of Waterloo, earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS, 1991) from the University of Western Ontario, and then completed an internship/residency at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto (1991). 

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Read/download the transcript of the conversation (PDF)

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