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The Cubes in Space Experiment: Protecting Teeth in Space

The Cubes in Space Experiment is a global competition, offered at no cost, for students 11-18 years of age to design and propose experiments to launch into space or a near space environment on a NASA sounding rocket and zero-pressure scientific balloon. A group of young students at a school in Ottawa, St. Brother André, entered the contest and was successfully selected to do their experiment: test the condition of teeth when exposed to radiation in space. The idea of the experiment could be a game changer for many patients undergoing radiation therapy and who are at a greater risk of losing their teeth.  

We invited 3 students who were part of the experiment to tell us their story and exemplify the spirit of innovation, creativity, and potential that is found in future Canadian generations. We also invited their teacher to tell us more about the school program that allowed these students to conduct their experiment.

We hope you enjoy the conversations and that you share your thoughts with us. It certainly looks like a great day for Canadian Dentistry!

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Until next time!

Chiraz Guessaier, Manager CDA Oasis
Dr. Aaron Burry, Associate Director Professional Affairs, CDA

Read/download the transcript of the conversation with Students (PDF)

Read/download the transcript of the conversation with Ms. Deborah Quail-Blier (PDF)


White Paper prepared by students: The Effect of Space Radiation on the Strength of Teeth Protected by our Teeth Radi-Protector

Protecting Teeth in Space: The students’ Perspective (10.43″)

Ms. Deborah Quail-Blier Speaks about the Cubes in Space Experiment (10.21″)

Photo Gallery (2.20″)

Video Trailer of the Experiment (1.00″)


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