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3D Printing a Smile: The Use of 3D Technology in Dentistry

Dr. William Martin, from the University of Florida, spoke with Dr. Chiraz Guessaier about 3-D printing in implant dentistry.


3-D printing has had the biggest impact on the surgical side of implantology as surgical templates can be printed and used for implant placement.

Additive manufacturing is an advantage as it is not as wasteful of materials; however, it can have added costs as the printers require frequent maintenance and printing time can vary based upon the machine being used. 3-D printing has given implant dentistry the ability to manufacture surgical templates that would not have been able to be made otherwise. Overall quality printers, material and time costs impact the cost-effectiveness, presently.

The adoption of 3-D printers has evolved greatly over the years and enables clinicians to provide higher quality care to patients. As the use increases, the technology will become more main stream and as a result, costs will decrease. Although there is a distinct benefit to having 3-D printers, it is unlikely that this technology will completely replace CAD-CAM solutions.



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  1. Ali John Jazayeri September 6, 2019

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I predict that the use of 3-D imaging and printing will continue to grow within dentistry. After all, 3-D imaging and printing can be used for so many different dental applications. Surgical guides for dental implant placement is just one of several uses for CAD CAM technology. Printing inlays, onlays, crowns and designing clear aligners are other uses of this technology. In fact, there are companies using CAD CAM to manufacture dentures and other useful dental appliances. How useful CAD CAM will become in dentistry will ultimately depend on the price and speed of technology. As the price of these devices drop and the technology become more widespread and easier to use, more and more dentists will start incorporating them into their office. Thanks again for the great post and look forward to your future articles!


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