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How to Avoid Common Endodontic Pitfalls in General Practice


Dr. Viraj Vora speaks to Dr. John O’Keefe about how to avoid pitfall in endodontics. This is important to keep patient satisfaction high and practitioner stress levels low.

Key messages

  • Good diagnosis of the patient’s problem and treatment planning is essential
  • Proper case selection is also important for success
  • Send appropriate cases to an endodontic specialist
  • Avoid cases that will be unsuccessful that may lead to patient retention or litigation issues in the future
  • Know your own level of expertise and your limitations – be honest with yourself
  • Remember that patients gather information from various sources (friends, colleagues and internet searches)



  1. Don Allen November 28, 2016

    A very good presentation, the use of the drain is very good as well. What are these drains Called ? And where can you get them? It would cut down on the surgery I am doing I hope!!

    1. Viraj Vora November 29, 2016

      Hi Don,

      The tip is just a Centrix tube that has been cut at the hub and placed intracanal. It’s more comfortable for the patient vs. an external drain. Cheers, VRV

      1. DON Allen November 29, 2016

        VIRAJ:::Thanks a lot I have two cases I was going to do apicals, but will try this first. Once the drainage stops I will place the Ca(OH )2. Do you ever use ODONTOPASTE, ? DON

        1. Viraj Vora November 30, 2016

          Hey, Don. No I have never used odontopaste. My main interim medication is CaOH. I have tried this method of an internal drain with a handful of cases and it seems to work. Cheers, VRV

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