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View From The Chairside

View from the Chairside: October, Healthy Workplace Month

By Dr. Lesia Waschuk

Dr. Waschuk is a Toronto dentist with a certificate in creative writing and an interest in narrative medicine, which is the discipline and practice of writing about illness and recovery and the health care encounter from both the provider’s and the patient’s point of view. In this space, Lesia will be writing about wellness and sharing articles and links to resources on health-related topics.



Did you know that October 10 is World Mental Health Day? And that October is Healthy Workplace Month?

The slogan for this national initiative is Workplace Wellness Fosters Healthy Minds. The tagline for week 2 is Healthy minds need healthy bodies. Click here for 20 ideas for what you and your staff could do to start making your dental workplace healthier today.

Think about how easy it would be to do any of the following (maybe you already do, and know how much better it makes you feel). Take a stretch break when you can. Go for a short walk, even a few blocks, on your way to work, at lunch, or on your way home. Take a few deep breaths, adjust your chair and check your working posture periodically during the day. Get up and move around between patients or activities.

What are the ways in which you fit exercise and movement into your workday?



  1. Dr Berniie Gryfe October 10, 2013

    Practicing 42 years and have made sure I always get at least3 breaks a day to go out for a walk. Never any back or shoulder or any muscular problems related to being a dentist.

  2. Waji Khan October 12, 2013

    Lesia, what a great post! Dentistry is a great profession, but sometimes many of us lose focus and forget the greater picture. Many of us Type A work to the end, and as a former army guy I can tell you that “dead men advance no futher”. It is important to recognize that stress breaks, whether they be mental or physical, are imperative to being able to practice for a long time, and in many ways also supports an ability to provide better, enthusiastic and sustained care for our patients.

    Thank you for your post.


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