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Bringing dental education to life: The “Don’t Forget to Brush Your Teeth” program

Podcast Icon SmallDr. John O’Keefe, Director of Knowledge Networks at the Canadian Dental Association, spoke with Ms. Laura Schneider, founder of the “Don’t Forget to Brush Your Teeth” program.

Pic 1 A new approach to dental education: www.letsbrush.org

The Children’s Live Dental Education Program “DON’T FORGET TO BRUSH YOUR TEETH” (DFTBYT)  was developed for children from junior kindergarten to grade 3. DFTBYT is designed to teach children the significance of dental hygiene and the repercussions of negligence.  The children have an amazing hands-on, interactive and visual experience.  DFTBYT teaches the children lessons that empower them with dental knowledge. 



Listen to the audio interview (9.50 min)


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Pic 1

Laura Schneider, inside our talking DFTBYT giant mouth Dr. Daryl Smith (Past President of the Niagara Peninsula Dental Association, NPDA), Dr. William Schneider, Melissa Holmes RDH.


Pic 2

Melissa Holmes with Dr. Mohamad Salame (President of the NPDA, 2013-2014), Laura Schneider, and Dr. William Schneider.









Watch a video about the DFTBYT program

Video Picture


Dr. William F. and Laura Schneider 

Dr. Schneider is a graduate of the University of Toronto and is in his 36th year of practising dentistry in Ridgeway, Ontario. Upon graduation, he returned to his home town and set up his family practice. Dr. Schneider enjoys answering all children’s questions and is the resident expert on Dental Health.

Laura Schneider is the designer, artistic director, program coordinator and presenter of the DFTBYT program. Laura’s passion for children’s dental health education has come from working chairside with Dr. Schneider when she witnessed first hand the great need and children’s suffering caused by both poor oral hygiene and poor diets. She has envisioned and created a new and exciting way to educate children about dental health and hygiene. Her personal goal is to enrich the dental health knowledge of as many children as possible, and help change the oral health future of these children.


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  1. PatriceJohnson July 9, 2021

    Amazing program for kids and their parents to learn about dental health. Such an enthusiastic and entertaining group of professionals. I have had the extraordinary privilege of working with this group and learned a lot myself. I continue to spread the dental hygiene information in hopes that children never need to suffer with dental pain and poor choices in foods.


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