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Managing Patients Who Are on Anti-Coagulant Medication

Dr. PJ Murphy
Clinical Assistant Professor, UBC Faculty of Dentistry

Latest estimates suggest that up to 50 million people in North America are taking anti-coagulant agents. Tens of millions more end up on aspirin or anti-platelet medications. Overall, close to 100 million people are on antithrombotic medications. In this episode of CDA Oasis Live, Dr. John O’Keefe is joined by Dr. PJ Murphy, Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC Faculty of Dentistry, to discuss the management of patients on blood thinners in the dental office.

Dr. Murphy profiles the types of patients on anticoagulants and highlights the importance of digging beneath the standard patient history to establish exactly which agents the patient is on and why. He also outlines best practices for local hemostasis and presents a definitive guide to the management of oral procedures in patients on common antithrombotic medications, courtesy of UBC Head of Oral Surgery, Dr. Ian Matthew.

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Clinical Management of Patients on Anti-Thrombotic Medications (PDF)


Full Conversation (13.45")

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