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International Symposium on Molar Hypomineralization and Chalky Teeth

The D3 Group is a translational research and education network focussed on Developmental Dental Disorders. Originally formed around the leadership of Professor Mike Hubbard at the University of Melbourne, Australia, the group has now grown to become a global network.

Following the success of their recent ground-breaking translational workshop on Molar Hypomineralization and Chalky Teeth, hosted by the University of Toronto and Sick Kids Hospital Faculty of Dentistry, a comprehensive Continuing Education pack is now available, offering up to 7 CE hours of study. The CE pack comprises three 2-hour videos with a time-indexed program sheet, enriched discussion records, the future-shaping D3 discussion framework document, and CE quizzes for each hour.

“The goal is to translate scientific findings. To bring people from all walks of life together to discuss this prevalent dental problem and to formulate the next set of questions.”

Access is available at the D3 website for AU$100 for D3 members, and AU$150 for non-members.

The D3 Group is planning their next event for May 2021. The International D3 Research Incubator will bring together experts from the clinical, public health, and research camps to share clinical needs and formulate specific research mandates around Molar Hypomin. Dates to be confirmed in January 2021.

Dr. Ben Ganss, Professor and Vice Dean for Research, University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry, Symposium co-chair, D3 Group.  

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