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Sewering: What Shouldn’t Go Down the Drain?

A recent study on the contamination of wastewater with pharmaceuticals found that the US had some of the highest levels of contaminants in drinking water worldwide.

And while there has long been a concrete plan for the disposal of other biomedical waste, such as blood products, bodily fluids and other infectious materials, pharmaceutical waste has not been regulated as strictly.

Dr. Mark Donaldson is the Clinical Professor, Senior Executive Director at Vizient, Inc., and co-author of a recent paper published in General Dentistry that addresses new laws to combat pharmaceutical waste in US water systems, including dental amalgam from dental offices.

He joins Chiraz Guessaier, Manager CDA Oasis, to discuss how pharmaceutical waste has slipped through the regulatory cracks for so long, and gives valuable advice on how to best manage hazardous waste in the dental office.

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Chiraz Guessaier, CDA Oasis Manager


Full Conversation (15.59")

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