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News Bites from CDA Knowledge Networks – 2020/10/21

Fake news creates serious issues for battling pandemic, chief public health doc says. nationalpost.com, Oct 20: Canada’s chief public health doctor says in the age of social media, fake news about the COVID-19 pandemic has been spreading faster than the virus itself. Read more

Study author alarmed only 56 per cent of Sask. respondents plan to get COVID-19 vaccine. cbc.ca, Oct 21: Sweeping survey by U of S researchers found respondents taking more risks, fewer safety measures. Read more

A fifth of British Columbians have been tested for COVID-19: survey. citynews1130.com, Oct 20: About 20 per cent of B.C. residents have been tested for COVID-19, according to a new survey. Close to 75 per cent of B.C. residents have chosen to use telehealth services during the pandemic, survey says. Respondents revealed rapid testing would encourage them to safely engage in more social, economic activities. Read more

171 B.C. doctors, dentists sign letter to City of Vancouver supporting mandatory mask use. biv.com, Oct 20: A group of B.C. doctors and dentists – the same group that previously petitioned the provincial government to adopt a mandatory face-mask policy in August – has put its support behind a Vancouver city councillor’s proposal to make masks mandatory in civic facilities. Read more

Why getting COVID-19 vaccines approved in Canada won't be 'overnight solution' to pandemic. cbc.ca, Oct 21: The months after Canada starts acquiring a vaccine will be rife with challenges, experts say, as public health officials determine who gets priority access — be it health-care workers or other vulnerable demographics — as production scales up to meet demand. Read more

COVID-19 in Indigenous communities: Total cases on-reserve surpass 1,000. cbc.ca, Oct 21: There are 300 active cases of COVID-19 on First Nations reserves across Canada, according to data from Indigenous Services Canada. In the last week, 160 new cases have been reported on-reserve with the majority occurring in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. Read more

Toronto's St. Mike's dealing with COVID-19 outbreak in emergency department. toronto.ctvnews.ca, Oct 21: St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto says it is dealing with a COVID-19 outbreak in its emergency department, but the hospital remains open to those needing care. “As of this morning (Oct. 20), there are five active COVID-19 positive staff related to this outbreak. No patient cases have been identified to date”. Read more

Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world on Wednesday. cbc.ca, Oct 21: Aviation workers call for federal plan to safely restart COVID-19-hit industry. Ontario, Alberta report all-time highs in active COVID-19 cases. Manitoba sees highest-ever number of patients in hospital with COVID-19. P.E.I. advises of potential COVID-19 exposure on two flights. Europe recorded weekly high of 927,000 virus cases last week, WHO says. Australian authorities treating COVID-19 case in Melbourne as a rare reinfection. Read more

A drug, dental and mental health plan for uninsured Canadians. policyoptions.irpp.org, Oct 20: Too many Canadians don’t have coverage for their drugs, dental care or mental health services. Ottawa should step in to fill the gaps. As the COVID-19 crisis deepens, more and more people are losing their workplace health insurance. Read more

Just 5% of Ontario coronavirus cases used COVID Alert app to report infection. cbc.ca, Oct 20: Public health experts say app is a useful tool despite limited uptake. Read more

25% of Canadians say their mental health is worse than in 1st coronavirus wave: poll. globalnews.ca, Oct 20: ...Participants cited concerns about the length and severity of the pandemic as their biggest source of anxiety, followed closely by social isolation and family health. Read more

Three Toronto hospitals confirm new COVID-19 outbreaks. ctvnews.ca, Oct 19. Three new coronavirus outbreaks were declared at Toronto hospitals in recent days, with several patients and staff members confirmed to be infected. Unity Health spokesperson Robyn Cox said St. Joseph’s Health Centre now has 16 patients under treatment for COVID-19, but seven of them likely acquired their infection at the hospital. Read more

‘There appears to be another crisis breaking’ as broader effects of COVID starting to show. thespec.com, Oct 20: As the cases of COVID-19 rise in Hamilton and more restrictions are put on the province’s hot spots, questions are being raised about the broader effects of the pandemic. ...“What’s the impact it’s having on the community in the context of mental health, addiction and suicide? … In our health system, how many people are avoiding doctors now and avoiding going into hospital because they are concerned about coming down with COVID?” Opioid overdoses paint a particularly troubling picture of the potential for the pandemic to worsen long-standing public health issues. Read more

Scientists raise alarm over signs of vaccine 'hesitancy'. ctvnews.ca, Oct 20: Scientists called for urgent action to improve public trust in immunization as research suggested sizeable minorities in some nations may be reluctant to be vaccinated against COVID-19. With few effective treatments and no cure for the coronavirus, companies and governments are racing to develop vaccines in a bid to arrest the pandemic. Read more

Live updates: Prospects for coronavirus relief bill dim as McConnell urges White House to reject deal. washingtonpost.com, Oct 21: Masks could soon come with labels saying how well they work, thanks to an effort by manufacturers who are working to develop a uniform set of standards. Women make up nearly 70% of front-line health-care workers and have a higher risk of being infected with the coronavirus, according to a new U.N. report, which also found women are disproportionately burdened with the emotional impacts of the pandemic. Read more

Coronavirus live news: Lombardy reports record high in cases as Czech Republic shuts shops. theguardian.com, Oct 21: Italian region worst hit by first wave sees highest infections since pandemic began; Czech Republic limits movement to essential trips; 300,000 excess US deaths recorded as Cathay Pacific cuts 5,900 jobs; Spain poised to become first European country with over 1m cases; New Zealand records 25 Covid cases amid arrival of foreign fishing crews. Read more

The coming weeks will be 'darkest of the entire pandemic,' infectious diseases expert says. thehill.com, Oct 19: The U.S. reported more than 70,000 coronavirus cases on Friday, making it the highest single-day increase for the country since late July. A top infectious diseases expert is warning that the next several weeks will be the “darkest of the entire pandemic” in the U.S. as cases continue to surge in many parts of the country while awaiting a vaccine. Read more

UNICEF is stockpiling syringes ahead of a COVID-19 vaccine. thehill.com, Oct 20: The United Nations children's agency UNICEF is stockpiling hundreds of millions of syringes in anticipation of a coronavirus vaccine to make sure there is enough global supply, the organization announced Monday. UNICEF said initially it will stockpile 520 million syringes in its warehouses, part of a larger plan to have 1 billion syringes by 2021. Read more

U.K. government signs contract for first coronavirus human challenge studies. ctvnews.ca, Oct 20: The U.K. government has signed a contract for the first human challenge studies for the novel coronavirus, in which healthy volunteers are deliberately infected with the virus in a controlled setting, and some receive an experimental vaccine. … Proponents of challenge trials say they are more efficient, requiring far fewer volunteers and can deliver scientific data more quickly. Critics worry about exposing people to a virus for which there is no fail-safe treatment, and the young, healthy volunteers are not representative of the wider population. Read more

Coronavirus vaccine storage issues could leave 3 billion without access. globalnews.ca, Oct 19. From factory to syringe, the world’s most promising coronavirus vaccine candidates need non-stop sterile refrigeration to stay potent and safe. But despite enormous strides in equipping developing countries to maintain the vaccine “cold chain,” nearly three billion of the world’s 7.8 billion people live where temperature-controlled storage is insufficient for an immunization campaign to bring COVID-19 under control. Read more

'Killer' cells in Ebola immunity study could help Covid research. theguardian.com, Oct 19. Immunity from the deadly Ebola virus could last years after the infection, the world’s longest study of survivors by British and Guinean scientists has concluded in findings that could have implications for Covid immunity research. Read more

Open wide for equity. news.umanitoba.ca, Oct 20: Most Canadians take pride in their universal health-care system and don’t think of it as excluding anyone. But what about dental care? UM alumnus Carlos Quiñonez…says few Canadians realize how poorly this country ranks in terms of providing government-funded dental care to people who can’t afford it, such as lower-income seniors and the working poor. Read more

La santé buccodentaire en chiffres. plus.lapresse.ca, 21 octobre : Une bonne santé buccodentaire s’avère essentielle à la santé globale et à la qualité de vie. Survol de quelques données intéressantes concernant les maladies et les soins de la cavité buccale. Lire plus

L’alimentation et la santé buccodentaire. plus.lapresse.ca, 21 octobre : Saviez-vous que votre alimentation a un impact majeur sur votre santé buccodentaire ? Bien manger s’avère en effet primordial pour préserver votre beau sourire. Voici ce que vous devriez savoir sur le sujet. Lire plus

Quiz : Quel dentiste spécialiste consulter? plus.lapresse.ca, 21 octobre : Connaissez-vous bien les spécialistes qui peuvent intervenir pour améliorer votre santé dentaire ? Que vous soyez référé par votre dentiste traitant ou non, à chaque situation correspond son spécialiste. Mettez vos connaissances à l’épreuve. Lire plus

B.C. Election 2020: Major parties promise more money for health care, more staff, more facilities. theprovince.com, Oct 21: Political parties make big promises on long-term care and improved access to services. Read more

Grants for small farmers, improved connectivity part of Green rural strategy. assiniboiatimes.ca, Oct 20: Saskatchewan Green Party Leader Naomi Hunter spoke of these grants, as well as improving health care in rural areas…in response to a series of questions on rural issues in this election. ... Her party is proposing free dental care. “I would like to see it for all ages actually but definitely school children first. And I think that having that good start and good dental health is something that can really help give people a leg up out of poverty.” Read more

Canadian baby with spinal muscular atrophy to get 'world's most expensive drug.' ctvnews.ca, Oct 20: A little over a year ago, the idea of raising US$2.125 million to receive the “world’s most expensive drug” for baby Eva Batista seemed impossibly daunting for her family. But thanks to generous donors, including a fellow fundraiser, Eva’s parents are elated she will have the necessary funds to get the lifesaving gene therapy treatment she needs. Read more

Supervisor of new USask dental clinic pleased with opening weeks. paherald.sk.ca, Oct 19: The Prince Albert community has welcomed the new dental outreach clinic at the downtown. University of Saskatchewan campus with open arms. The clinic opened to the public on Oct. 5, and students are just starting their clinical rotations. It’s part of the college’s inclusive community outreach program, which aims to improve access to care for priority populations in Saskatchewan. Read more

Food prices to rise across Canada as COVID-19 pandemic continues. globalnews.ca, Oct 19: We’re leaving the era of cheap food in Canada, according to Sylvain Charlebois, who founded the Agri-food Analytics Lab at Dalhousie University. Charlebois said food discounting at grocery stores has virtually disappeared since the coronavirus pandemic began in March. He predicts a trend toward higher food prices will continue. Read more

COVID-19 takes toll on physical health of young Canadians, scientists, school board find. cbc.ca, Oct 20: Just five per cent of Canadian children met basic physical activity guidelines early on in the pandemic, which is why school phys-ed programs are now looking for alternatives to get students to work up a sweat in a safe fashion. Read more

Toxic' label will spur research into impact of plastics on human health, experts say. ctvnews.ca, Oct 19: A proposed ban on some single-use plastics should serve as a wake-up call to Canadians concerned about the potential harms everyday items may pose, say experts who expect the move will spur research into settling ongoing questions about whether and how microplastic affects human health. Read more

Seniors program now offered through Elliot Lake Dental Centre. elliotlaketoday.com, Oct 19. Elliot Lake dentist Dr. Nathan Haas and his Elliot Lake Dental Centre team are now providing dental care through the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program (OSDCP) in conjunction with Algoma Public Health. Read more

Mechanism Linking Gum Disease To Heart Disease, Other Inflammatory Conditions Discovered. dentistry.utoronto.ca, October: U of T Dentistry researchers find first evidence that neutrophil immune cell activity is the missing link connecting periodontal disease with heart disease, cancer, and other inflammatory conditions. Read more

Dr. Eric Hatfield: Recipient of the 2020 Outstanding Alumni Award. dal.ca, Oct 19: Sadly, Dr. Hatfield died of an aneurysm on January 20, 2020, on his way home from a National Dental Examining Board meeting in Ottawa. Dr. Hatfield was just 60 years old when he died. He had been deeply committed to both his practice and organized dentistry for over 30 years. Read more

In Memoriam: Dr. John (Jack) McLister. schulich.uwo.ca, October: Dr. McLister was an alumnus and faculty member at Schulich Dentistry for close to four decades and will be remembered for his commitment to students and patients in the undergraduate clinic. Read more

Coping with Depression During COVID-19. cdspi.com: Here is some important information from Shepell to help you identify and cope with depression. Read more


Scientists Drill Down on Bacteria-Fighting Fillings. nidcr.nih.gov, Oct 20: Aided by artificial intelligence, a cross-disciplinary team of experts in materials science and data science designed a dental adhesive with bacteria-fighting properties that may extend the lifespan of tooth fillings, most of which last only 5 to 10 years. Read more

Study shows teachers play an essential role in influencing children’s health. ada.org.au, Oct 19: ...Recognising that teachers have a key role in educating children on good health, both oral and general, the ADA has partnered with SugarByHalf to create two series of lessons through Cool Australia which incorporate oral health and nutrition into the mandatory learning requirements of the Australian and New Zealand curriculum. Read more

How sugary is your pumpkin spice latte? As coffee chains continue to embrace US trend of autumnal drinks, they contain up to TWICE your daily recommended sugar allowance. dailymail.co.uk, Oct 21: Starbucks are selling Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Frappucinos in the UK this year. But the sweet drinks have more than twice an adult's recommended sugar intake. Costa, Pret and Greggs have all followed suit launching own autumnal drinks. Hot chocolate in Costa has more than total recommended sugar for a day. Read more

Dr. Klemmedson installed as ADA president. ada.org, Oct 19: Daniel J. Klemmedson, D.D.S., M.D., of Tucson, Arizona, took office Oct. 19 as the 157th president of the American Dental Association during the ADA FDC Virtual Connect Conference. Read more

Emergency Room Visits for Dental Problems Cost $2 Billion a Year. dentistrytoday.com, Oct 19: Patients who go to the emergency room to treat preventable dental conditions cost taxpayers, hospitals, and the government about $2 billion a year, according to researchers at the Texas A&M University School of Public Health. Regular visits to the dentist are essential for maintaining oral health and catching dental diseases early, the researchers said. But major obstacles such as costs and lack of dental insurance coverage can get in the way for many people. Read more

Michigan prepares to ban flavored nicotine vaping – again – without legislative approval. metrotimes.com, Oct 19: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s administration is working on another statewide ban on flavored nicotine vaping products after her emergency order was struck down by courts. Read more

‘Troubling trend’: Ohioans appear to be smoking more amid pandemic stress. daytondailynews.com, Oct 20: Ohio is raking in more tobacco taxes than the state projected, a troubling sign that Ohioans are smoking and using other tobacco products more during the pandemic. Cigarette excise tax revenue was $16.1 million (21.8%) above what the state had anticipated for September and $23.5 million (13.6%) above estimate for the first quarter of the state fiscal year. Read more

Sugar, high fructose intake may trigger ADHD, bipolar disorder, aggressive behavior. studyfinds.org, Oct 19. For both children and adults, mental health disorders can have damaging effects on all aspects of their lives. As scientists examine the causes of attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome (ADHD) and bipolar disorder, a new catalyst is emerging. Researchers from the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus say sugar intake may play a major role in these disorders and even aggressive behavior. Read more

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