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Appropriate Contouring of Class III Resin Restorations

Dr. Sunny Virdi clearly has a passion for restorative dentistry. He also has a passion for finding smart solutions that will benefit his patients and sharing those solutions with other dentists. In this latest CDA Oasis Live discussion with Dr. John O’Keefe, Director of Knowledge Networks CDA, Dr. Virdi addresses the challenge of using Mylar strips in Class III restorations.

He shares a remarkably simple solution to finding appropriate contours, and demonstrates how to deliver the right curvature and a better contact area every time.

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Full Conversation (11.28")


  1. Chris Bryant September 30, 2020

    good job Sunny!stay inspired!!!!

  2. Andy Nette October 1, 2020

    A great technique Sunny!
    I have seen curved Mylar strips along the way, but have never employed them. I assume the advantage of the dead soft metal is the ability to burnish/hold the contour you’re seeking.


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