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Dr. Alexander Mutchmor – Update on COVID-19: Personal Protective Equipment & Recommendations from Regulators

In a pandemic health crisis not seen in our lifetime, extraordinary measures are being taken to restrict the spread of Covid-19. Measures that are constantly changing as we learn more every day.

Dr. Alexander Mutchmor, President of the Canadian Dental Association, is joined by Dr. Aaron Burry, Associate Director of Professional Affairs CDA, to discuss developments in the supply and use of Personal Protective Equipment, latest recommendations from Provincial regulators, and balancing the need to provide emergency care while maintaining proper social distancing.

Still a wet glove dentist himself, Dr. Burry explains: It’s not something that comes with an owner’s manual that tells you exactly what to do. You’re kind of reassessing  every day based on what the Province and the regulators  are telling you.

To stay abreast of developments, Dr. Mutchmor recommends that all dentists check their Provincial Association website at least daily.

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Full Conversation (7.53")


  1. Vasant Ramlaggan April 8, 2020


  2. Dr. Lynne Moyles April 8, 2020

    Thanks so much to the CDA for addressing the concerns specifically related to providing emergency dental care. Since April 1st, in Nova Scotia, we are required to send our severe dental emergency patients to designated dental offices for treatment. The description of outfitting the dentist and assistant in the recommended PPEs sounds daunting, but necessary. We support and applaud those dental personnel who are willing to take on this challenge of caring for our patients.
    One additional form of infection control that could be incorporated is a high volume air filtration system in the operatory, one that has UV light to help decontaminate the air of air borne viruses. Surgical Clean Air is one such company that has a free standing unit. These units are available (or were) in Canada. I am suggesting this as another layer of protection for the dentist and staff.


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