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CDA @ Work COVID-19

We’re in It Together: CDA’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic are very trying for Canadian dentists, their dental teams, and their patients. CDA has been active in addressing this unprecedented state of affairs and is committed to doing all that it can to support Canadians and the dental profession in these most challenging times.

Dr. Aaron Burry, Public Health Specialist and Associate Director of Professional Affairs at CDA, is the lead staff on the COVID-19 pandemic response. In this video conversation, Dr. Burry details CDA's current activities. 

Since last February, the CDA has created a COVID-19 Response Team. The Response Team brings together CDA leadership, senior staff and the Executive Directors of the CDA Corporate Members. The CDA COVID-19 Response Team is led by Dr. Aaron Burry, Public Health Specialist and CDA’s Associate Director of Professional Affairs. 

The CDA also meets with the Corporate Member Presidents and CEOs weekly. This series of meetings aims to: 

  • share information on the evolution of the pandemic;
  • assess the impact of the pandemic on dentists and the practice of dentistry; and
  • discuss options on the way forward. 

The Response Team discusses all elements of the COVID-19 pandemic: the scientific, clinical, economic, business , as well as its impact on personal well-being.

Issues that are currently in front of the Response Team include: the definition of emergency cases; the supply of PPEs; tele-dentistry billing codes; infection control protocols; pharmaceutical protocols; and business disruption.

CDA is constantly in contact with different federal government departments to explain the real challenges that dentists and their dental teams face due to work disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. CDA is also a member of two networks of health organizations that jointly present to the government on related issues.

Currently, CDA is in the process of assessing and pulling together all available federal support programs that may help Canadian dentists and the dental profession get through these difficult circumstances. To that end, CDA is preparing a roadmap that will give Canadian dentists and their team members pertinent information on how to access the federally financed support programs. The roadmap will be regularly updated and disseminated through the provincial dental associations; and will therefore include other available provincial support programs.

CDA facilitates the exchange of information among CDA’s Corporate Members, the provincial dental associations.

CDA is currently gathering and organizing scientific, clinical, and practice and business management resources from various reliable sources. The information will be added to a resources repository that will be made available to CDA Corporate Members, who will in turn  share it with their members when and as they deem appropriate.

CDA Oasis and CDA Essentials will continue to publish clinical and other pertinent content during the pandemic.

As per the provincial lock-down requirement, and in a genuine effort to flatten the curve and curb the spread of the virus, CDA is holding all their business meetings electronically until further notice. 

In addition, CDA has implemented a work-from-home process and has outfitted their staff with the necessary equipment. Therefore, and although our offices are currently closed, we remain committed to continuing CDA's regular business activities. Please feel free to contact us as you would normally do. We will be pleased to serve you. 

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