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News Bites from CDA Knowledge Networks – 2020/03/25

Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world Wednesday. cbc.ca, March 25: House of Commons passes legislation for COVID-19 aid after night of tense talks. U.S. Senate, White House reach deal on $2 trillion coronavirus rescue package. Spain's death toll rises to 3,434 — second only to Italy, which has 6,820 reported deaths linked to COVID-19. After blood donations plummet during pandemic, donors answer the call — big time. Tracking the spread of coronavirus in Canada and around the world; and more. Read more

Le Canada et le coronavirus : ce que vous devez savoir aujourd’hui. ici.radio-canada.ca, 25 mars : Le Sénat doit tenir un débat d'urgence aujourd'hui en vue de l'adoption du plan d'aide économique du gouvernement Trudeau qui a obtenu aux petites heures du matin l'assentiment de tous les partis aux Communes. Lire plus

The latest on the coronavirus: Emergency payments to start in April. theglobeandmail.com, March 25: Latest headlines. Read more

'A fundamental shift': Nearly half of reported COVID-19 cases in Canada now from community spread. cbc.ca, March 24: Rising community transmission numbers suggest we don't have a handle on how virus is spreading, experts say. Read more

Statement on 30-day supply of prescription medications. pharmacists.ca, March 23: ... This is a temporary but necessary measure. By appropriately managing inventory today, we are reducing the risk that a patient will not be able to access their medications tomorrow and into the future. Read more

Pharmacists face lack of protection, anxious customers in COVID-19 pandemic. ctvnews.ca, March 25: Like thousands of front-line health workers, COVID-19 has made life much harder for pharmacists across Canada. Read more

Small businesses shuttered by COVID-19 push for rent relief and eviction protection. theglobeandmail.com, March 24: Business groups are calling on governments to subsidize rents for small businesses hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and want evictions prohibited, a protection now offered to some residential tenants in Canada. Read more

Drive-thru COVID-19 testing now offered for health-care workers in Vancouver. cbc.ca, March 24: Health-care workers can now access drive-thru testing for the COVID-19 virus at an assessment site in Vancouver, where they can be swabbed without having to leave their vehicles. Read more

Coronavirus: des finissants en santé s’offrent en renfort. ledevoir.com, 24 mars : Les finissants des écoles de médecine et des sciences infirmières du Québec s’apprêtent à donner du renfort pour soulager le réseau débordé par la crise pandémique. Lire plus

Québec entrouvre la porte aux travailleurs de la santé diplômés à l’étranger. ici.radio-canada.ca, 25 mars : Pour faire face à la crise du coronavirus et à une éventuelle pénurie du personnel hospitalier qui pourrait en résulter, le ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS) du Québec ouvre la possibilité aux médecins diplômés à l’étranger, qui se trouvent sur le territoire et dont le diplôme n’est pas actuellement reconnu, à soutenir le réseau. Lire plus

Sauver des vies grâce aux imprimantes 3D. lapresse.ca, 24 mars : Partout au Québec, des entreprises d’impression 3D s’activent dans la lutte au coronavirus. Ils fabriquent des prototypes de masques et de visières ; des valves ; des dispositifs pour ouvrir des portes sans utiliser ses mains ; et d’autres équipements médicaux pour fournir les hôpitaux qui craignent des pénuries. Read more

Distilleries across Canada fight COVID-19 by making hand sanitizer. ctvnews.ca, March 24: … distilleries across North America are finding a new way to serve the public: by using their facilities and high-proof alcohol to make hand sanitizer. Read more

Amid mass layoffs from COVID-19, three in 10 Canadians worry they can't pay their rent or mortgage on time. macleans.ca, March 25: A new Angus Reid poll shows the financial strain Canadian households are under. Read more

Why Canada's COVID-19 'war-time' response could be derailed by a swab on a stick. cbc.ca, March 25: A distorted picture of Canada's COVID-19 epidemic is emerging as a result of gaps in the ability to test for the infections. Read more

Testing backlog linked to shortage of chemicals needed for COVID-19 test. ctvenws.ca, March 25: Regions across Canada are ramping up efforts to identify people with COVID-19 but some labs are facing a backlog due to diminishing supplies of essential chemicals needed for tests. Read more

Funding basic science research is crucial to our coronavirus pandemic responses. theconversation.com, March 24: The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the virus to be pervasive and deadly to our most vulnerable. This pandemic is a wake-up call to all the countries that ignored the researchers who warned about the inevitability of worldwide viral infections. No country heeded such warnings. Read more

The world could face a 2nd wave of COVID-19: Here's what Canada needs to do now to prepare. cbc.ca, March 24: Countries including Canada must prepare for a second wave of the COVID-19 outbreak to emerge once social distancing measures are eased, and they should only lift those measures gradually, infectious disease experts say. Read more

Doctors plead for supplies as WHO warns pandemic is 'accelerating'. ctvnews.ca, March 24: Doctors and nurses pleaded for supplies such as masks and ventilators that are critical in their battle to treat a surging number of coronavirus patients, while governments on Tuesday continued to roll out measures that have put more than one-fifth of the world's population under some form of lockdown. Read more

Veterinarians offer ventilators as they fight to be declared essential service. ctvnews.ca, March 24: The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association said several members have come forward offering to make their ventilators available for human use in order to ease the strain on the country's overtaxed medical system. Read more

One in five Canadians think COVID-19 pandemic blown out of proportion: Poll. thestar.com, March 24: While the poll suggests the vast majority of Canadians were taking the crisis seriously and abiding by government advice to stay home as much as possible, Leger executive vice-president Christian Bourque says the 20 per cent who weren’t taking it seriously could jeopardize nationwide efforts to curb the rapid spread of the respiratory virus. Read more

Nearly half of Canada’s COVID-19 cases now acquired through community spread, Public Health Agency of Canada says. theglobeandmail.com, March 23: Public-health experts say Canada faces a crucial few weeks during which hospitals will have an influx of severely ill patients that will strain their resources. Read more

'Flattening the curve: Why patchy COVID-19 data makes predictions difficult. ctvnews.ca, March 24: … the effects of the measures we're taking today to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus may not appear for weeks. But when they do, if effective, they should begin to appear as declines in the new number of cases relative to the days before and, ultimately, no new cases. Read more

Nationwide COVID-19 testing now targeting health-care professionals, frontline workers and the very sick. thestar.com, March 23: Public health agencies across Canada are shifting their COVID-19 testing to sick health-care and other frontline workers who are more likely to have come into contact with the virus, and people with severe symptoms who are hospitalized. Read more

Canadian doctors urge caution on repurposing malaria medication to fight COVID-19. cbc.ca, March 24: Canada part of a global study launched by the WHO to look into the use of chloroquine and other existing drugs. Read more

Début d'une étude clinique pour tester un médicament contre les effets de la COVID-19. ici.radio-canada.ca, 22 mars : L'étude, nommée COLCORONA, sera menée par le centre de recherche de l'Institut de cardiologie de Montréal (ICM) et financée par le gouvernement du Québec. Lire plus

Coronavirus vaccine must be affordable and accessible. theconversation.com, March 23 [OPINION]: But today there is little indication — and no requirement — that the billions of public dollars being spent will result in a vaccine or treatment for COVID-19 that is affordable. Read more

Assembly of First Nations declare state of emergency, as B.C. chiefs call for Ottawa to do the same. cbc.ca, March s23: The country's largest Indigenous organization declared a state of emergency on Monday to ensure First Nations, whose people face elevated risks from an outbreak, aren't forgotten in the broadening COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

A universal basic income could help counter COVID-19's economic damage. cbc.ca, March 23: If we're considering radical and fast action in medical terms, we should also consider it in economic terms. Read more

Dispatches from the coronavirus front lines: 'I am afraid of what lies ahead for humanity'. macleans.ca, March 23: Jane Philpott describes her first few shifts working on the coronarvirus front lines at Markham Stouffville Hospital. Read more

Liberals back down on proposed bill to broadly tax and spend without parliamentary approval. cbc.ca, March 24: The unprecedented proposal was in a draft of the emergency legislation to be tabled in a scaled-down Parliament on Tuesday. Read more

Do I have to work during the coronavirus outbreak? A labour relations expert weighs in. thestar.com, March 24: As the coronavirus pandemic continues to shape the economy, one expert is reminding Canadians that they have the right to refuse unsafe work under the country’s labour code. Read more

Trudeau admonishes those not keeping distance, commits funds for COVID-19 vaccine. ctvnews.ca, March 23: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is rolling out new measures to mobilize the Canadian science sector in its development of a COVID-19 vaccine and to assist farmers impacted by the pandemic. Read more

Trudeau announces new funds for farmers, vaccine development and urges Canadians to stay home. cbc.ca, March 23: Parliament to reconvene Tuesday to pass emergency measures to help Canadians, businesses. Read more

Social distancing isn’t enough – we need to ramp up testing and transparency. theglobeandmail.com, March 22 [OPINION]: As public demands escalate for governments to do more to combat the ever-worsening novel coronavirus pandemic, two distinct camps seem to be forming: one calling for a lockdown of the country, the other demanding a massive expansion of testing. But this is not an either/or situation. We have to do both, and sooner rather than later. We also have to recognize the limitations of each approach. Read more

Hospital holds mask drive as groups sound alarm over impending shortage. timescolonist.com, March 23: A Toronto hospital is accepting donations of face masks and other protective gear from members of the public in an effort to ward off what some say is an impending shortage. Read more

Company set to crank out ventilators, awaiting final go-ahead from Ottawa. cbc.ca, March 23: A Canadian company says it can ramp up production within days of potential life-saving ventilators, once it gets final instructions from the federal government. Read more

30% of Canadians think it's OK to not practice physical distancing. bc.ctvnews.ca, March 22: A new poll shows that 30 per cent of Canadians still think it's fine to hold a gathering of 10 people or less, defying health officials' guidance. Read more

COVID-19 could bankrupt clinics because of low fees for virtual visits, Edmonton doctors' group says. edmontonjournal.com, March 21: Doctors could go bankrupt over the shift to virtual health during the COVID-19 pandemic because fees are too low, and a newly-funded health app by Telus isn’t a health-care solution. Read more

‘Are we a top priority?’: How Indigenous communities are bracing for coronavirus. theglobeandmail.com, March 22: Many Indigenous communities across Canada share in the heightened state of anxiety over the impact the virus could have and are ramping up preparations. Some have declared states of emergency while others have closed their borders to non-community members to reduce the possibility of community transmission. Read more

Expedited access to disinfectants, hand sanitizers and personal protective equipment to help limit the spread of COVID-19, as well as swabs for testing. healthycanadians.gc.ca, March 18: In light of the unprecedented demand and urgent need for products that can help limit the spread of COVID-19—including hand sanitizers, disinfectants and personal protective equipment (such as masks and gowns)—as well as swabs, Health Canada is facilitating access to products that may not fully meet current regulatory requirements, as an interim measure. Read more

Coronavirus disease (COVID-2019) situation reports. who.int, March 24: Situation report - 64. Read more

WHO: US could be the next epicenter of the global coronavirus pandemic. thehill.com, March 24: WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris told reporters Tuesday the U.S. has the potential to be the next epicenter amid a large acceleration of cases in the nation. Read more

Plea for tents 'or anything' to help with self-isolation in overcrowded Indigenous communities. theguardian.com, March 25: Aboriginal doctors in Australia’s regional centres are sounding the alarm about overcrowded housing as a “massive problem” that will make it very hard to stop the rapid spread of Covid-19. Read more

WHO Director-General's opening remarks at the media briefing on COVID-19 - 23 March 2020. who.int, March 23: Read more

WHO launches global megatrial of the four most promising coronavirus treatments. sciencemag.org, March 22: On Friday, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced a large global trial, called SOLIDARITY, to find out whether any can treat infections with the new coronavirus for the dangerous respiratory disease. Read more

Beijing’s roads and restaurants grow crowded, as scientists warn second virus wave ‘inevitable.’ theglobeandmail.com, March 24: Crowds of people gathering in restaurants and clustering around plants for sale at a sidewalk fair. Read more

Trump suggests U.S. should back off on social distancing measures as soon as next week because of economic toll. theglobeandmail.com, March 24: President Donald Trump is suggesting the United States should back off on measures meant to control the spread of the novel coronavirus as soon as next week because social distancing is hurting the economy. Read more

Tokyo Olympics officially postponed to 2021. cbc.ca, March 24: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expects Games will be held by next summer. Read more

Les Jeux de Tokyo reportés en 2021. lapresse.ca, 24 mars : Depuis la première édition en 1896, il s’agit du premier report des Jeux olympiques en dehors d’une période de guerre. Lire plus

U.S. FDA approves first rapid coronavirus test with 45 minutes detection time. reuters.com, March 21: The test’s developer, California-based molecular diagnostics company Cepheid, said on Saturday it had received an emergency use authorization from the FDA for the test, which will be used primarily in hospitals and emergency rooms. The company plans to begin shipping it to hospitals next week, it said. Read more

COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic has a natural origin. sciencedaily.com, March 17: An analysis of public genome sequence data from SARS-CoV-2 and related viruses found no evidence that the virus was made in a laboratory or otherwise engineered. Read more

Editorial: The tooth about dental benefits. benefitscanada.com, March 20: Over the past couple of years, I’ve been relentlessly pestered by my dentist’s office. I’ve lost track of the frequency of texts, emails and phone calls. When the overt neediness increased even more at the end of last year, I realized it had barely been six months since our last date. Is it just me or are dentists really stepping up the pressure lately? Read more

What dental benefits topics should plan sponsor be considering? benefitscanada.com, March 20: With prescription drugs and paramedical benefits taking up an increasingly large portion of employers’ benefits spend, dental benefits often avoid the spotlight. But consultants and insurers are emphasizing a few dental issues for plan sponsors to consider in 2020. Read more

Half of 65+ adults lack dental insurance; poll finds strong support for Medicare coverage. eurekalert.org, March 24: Nearly all older Americans support adding a dental benefit to the Medicare program that covers most people over age 65, according to a new national poll. Read more

Dental Care is Health Care and All Children Deserve Access. calhealthreport.org, March 23 [Opinion]: In When it comes to dental care, California is not serving vulnerable kids and families well. As a state, we need to commit to enacting solutions that will provide all children with better access to high-quality dental care. Read more

Federal trial against EPA on fluoridation postponed due to coronavirus. insidetracking.com, March 24: A legal case challenging the safety of water fluoridation which was set for a two-week trial in April in federal district court in San Francisco has been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Read more

Time to stop brushing oral health aside. fdiworlddental.org, March 23: Oral health continues to be one of the most neglected areas of global health. The tragedy is that oral disease is a silent epidemic afflicting some 3.58 billion people—more than half the world’s population—while it’s largely preventable. Read more

Delta Dental finds 8% increase in agreement among Americans on the importance of oral health to overall health. prnewswire.com, March 20: Applauds the efforts of World Oral Health Day in raising awareness. Read more

Cornwall NHS dentist shortage not due to lack of funding. cornwalllive.com, March 22: "It is not so much a lack of funding - the funding actually gets returned to NHS England - as a lack of dentists prepared to work in the NHS.” Read more

Fluoride poll passes Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, despite no authority to act on 'yes' vote. abc.net.au, March 19: The question: 'Would you prefer that council stop adding fluoride to the public water supply?' will be put to voters at the same time as the local government elections in September. Read more

Charles Sturt University dentistry lecturer wins award for virtual reality study. centralwesterndaily.com.au, March 24: Dr Kumar Raghav was the lead author of the six-year research project and received the 2020 Giddon Award from the International Association of Dental Research for Distinguished Research in the Behavioral Sciences. Read more

New guidelines advise against taking Aspirin to prevent heart disease, first stroke. cbc.ca, March 23: The recommendations published Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal say acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) should not be taken as a preventive measure for those who do not have a history of stroke, heart or vascular disease. Read more

Study shows commonly used mouthwash could make saliva significantly more acidic. plymouth.ac.uk, March 24: University team's findings raise possibility that using products containing chlorhexidine could increase risk of damage as a result of change in pH. Read more

Health Coalitions’ Joint Statement on COVID-19 and Public Health Care. healthcoaltion.ca, March 24: As governments ramp up efforts to address the current crisis, Health Coalitions across Canada are calling for them to resist privatization and to uphold the foundational principles of equity and compassion that underlie our public health care system. Read more

Parents fear opioids as treatment for children in pain, University of Alberta research shows. edmontonsun.com, March 21: Parents are becoming increasingly reluctant to let their kids have opioids prescribed to them, according to two new studies from the University of Alberta. In one study, 146 pediatric doctors said they had little concern prescribing drugs such as morphine or fentanyl to children. However, they reported parents are fearful to let their children take the drugs to deal with moderate-to-severe pain that non-opioids can’t handle. Read more

US pharmaceutical industry aims to wrest some drug production back from China. foxnews.com, March 18: The dramatic proliferation of the coronavirus has U.S. officials on an accelerated mission to bring the production of life-saving medicines back to U.S. shores and away from the control of the Chinese government. But just how doable, and cost-effective is such an endeavor? Read more

Malfunctioning EpiPens could harm patients, companies say. ctvnews.ca, March 25: U.S. regulators warned the public about malfunctions involving some EpiPens, the emergency injectors for severe allergic reactions. The Food and Drug Administration issued the warning after drugmakers Pfizer and Mylan told medical providers that the problems could cause death or serious injuries. Read more

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