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A Refresher of Dental Adhesive Systems

By Dr. Carolyn Boyd


  1. There are 2 adhesive strategies of contemporary dental adhesive systems to bond to enamel and dentin. Strategies can be accomplished in 1 to 3 steps.
  2. Resin acidity and hydrophilicity increase the susceptibility for degradation of the adhesive interface; altered forms of enamel and dentin can negatively affect bonding to enamel and dentin.
  3. Adhesive interfaces are susceptible to biodegradation.
  4. Degradation includes interaction with the dental biofilm, active bacterial enzymes, and activation of endogenous enzymes.
  5. Some restorative strategies that might influence the long-term outcome of the dynamic tooth adhesive–interface are summarized.

Adhesives Refresher

The content is displayed in a PowerPoint Presentation that you can easily follow at your own pace. You can download the document in PPT, PDF or watch the video of the presentation.

  1. A Refresher of Dental Adhesive Systems (PPT)
  2. A Refresher of Dental Adhesive Systems (PDF)

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1 Comment

  1. Lesia Waschuk February 21, 2020

    This is such an important subject for practising dentists to understand given the variety of products on the contemporary market. The temptation to “mix and match” can be strong and it’s so important for dentists to understand the materials science so they get acceptable results for their patients.

    Thanks for making these learning materials available in a variety of formats, which may encourage your listeners/readers/social media followers to bookmark/save them for later reference. I hope they do; I know I will.


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