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Summary of Evidence on the Effects of E-cigarette Use on Oral Health

The Office of the Chief Dental Officer of Canada published a synthesis that summarizes existing evidence on the effects of electronic cigarette use on oral health, identifies knowledge gaps and provides evidence-based recommendations to support patients' oral health care regarding the use of electronic cigarettes.

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  • Smoking is a global public health issue responsible for significant oral and general health problems, which can be prevented by the cessation of tobacco use. Although complete smoking cessation is the best solution, the powerful addictive properties of nicotine represent an enormous obstacle, even for those with a strong desire to quit smoking.
  • Different nicotine replacement strategies have been developed, including e-cigarettes. Several self-reported and randomized studies suggest e-cigarettes, while not harmless, are a harm reduction tool that may improve the oral and general health of smokers and may contribute to smoking cessation.
  • However, additional long term studies are needed to validate these observations. Most importantly, all levels of public health should take steps to prevent initiation and encourage cessation of e-cigarette use among individuals who never used CCS, particularly in youth, as this practice is not harmless.

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