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News Bites from CDA Knowledge Networks – 2019/02/20

Top News

Black History Month: First Black dentistry graduate, Arlington Franklin Dungy, became a champion of diversity

Celebrate National Dental Hygienists Week – April 6-12, 2019

ADA Council Collaborates With Others In Developing Oral Health Toolkit For New Moms

Health Canada recommends that children and youth not use cough and cold products that contain opioids

Study finds bacterial profile of breast milk differs when pumped first

Canadian Dentistry News

Black History Month: First Black dentistry graduate, Arlington Franklin Dungy, became a champion of diversity. utoronto.ca: Arlington Franklin Dungy was Ontario’s first Black dental school graduate. Read more

International Appeal: Meet The IDAPP Class Of 2019. dentistry.utoronto.ca: The White Coat ceremony traditionally inducts new students in the Faculty of Dentistry’s undergraduate dentistry program into the ethics of practicing dentistry. But when your students already have dentistry degrees, that ceremony takes on a slightly different tone. Read more

Dalhousie Dental Hygiene teams up with Phoenix Youth to make dental hygiene more accessible. globalnews.ca: The Nova Scotia Dental Association recommends bi-annual visits to the dentist for cleanings, but costs can be a barrier for many. Read more

Celebrate National Dental Hygienists Week – April 6-12, 2019. cdha.ca: Oral Health for Total Health! Read more

International Dentistry News

Large dental practice cuts antibiotic prescribing by 73%. healio.com: A large academic dental practice saw a nearly 73% decrease in antibiotic prescribing after implementing a comprehensive antibiotic stewardship program that is thought to be the first of its kind, researchers said. Read more

Parents confused about kids’ toothpaste could lead to more tooth decay, dentists warn. stuff.co.nz, Feb 19: The New Zealand Dental Association recommends children use full-strength fluoride toothpaste but parents aren’t necessarily getting that message. Read more

OU, Detroit Mercy work to get doctors, dentists on same page. crainsdetroit.com: …soon, medical and dental students in Detroit will be studying together — learning how to coordinate care and collaborate to prevent chronic diseases in the body and mouth. Read more

JADA names new associate editor. ada.org: Dr. Carol Anne Murdoch-Kinch succeeds Dr. Douglas E. Peterson as the associate editor for dentistry and medicine. Read more

Dr. Karen P. West Named Next ADEA President and CEO. adea.org: Karen P. West has been selected as the next President and CEO of the American Dental Education Association (ADEA). Her appointment will take effect on July 1, 2019. Read more

Looking to the Military for a Few Good Educators. adeachartingprogress.wordpress.com: In this month’s letter, Dr. Rick Valachovic looks at how military service can prepare dentists for encore careers as dental educators. Read more

Clinical & Scientific News

Assessing Risk for Invasive Oral Events in Women Treated With Denosumab. endocrinologyadvisor.com: Despite the relatively high prevalence of self-reported invasive oral procedures and events in women treated with denosumab and its subsequent effect on increasing the risk for osteonecrosis of the jaw, rates of osteonecrosis of the jaw remain low and tend to resolve with further therapy. Read more

Study: 90 percent of kids with sleep apnea undiagnosed. upi.com: 90 percent of kids with sleep apnea go undiagnosed, according to a study published in February in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association. Read more

Oral complications are rare in older women treated for osteoporosis. medicalxpress.com: Oral complications are rare in women taking medications for postmenopausal osteoporosis, according to a study published in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. Read more

Silver diamine fluoride versus sodium fluoride for arresting dentine caries in children: a systematic review and meta-analysis. nature.com: This study systematically reviewed the dentine caries arrest capabilities of silver diamine fluoride (SDF) and sodium fluoride (NaF). Read more

Evaluation of novel nanoscaled metal fluorides on their ability to remineralize enamel caries lesions. nature.com: The aim of this in vitro study was to evaluate the ability of two nanoscaled metal fluorides to remineralize shallow and deep artificial enamel caries lesions. Read more

E-cigarette users show cancer-linked genetic changes. medicalxpress.com: A USC study shows that e-cigarette users develop some of the same cancer-related molecular changes in oral tissue as cigarette smokers, adding to the growing concern that e-cigarettes aren’t a harmless alternative to smoking. Read more

ADA Council Collaborates With Others In Developing Oral Health Toolkit For New Moms. ada.org: The American Academy of Pediatrics, in collaboration with the ADA Council on Advocacy for Access and Prevention and other health care organizations, has developed a new toolkit that focuses on oral health for pregnant women and extends to oral health for babies. Read more

Mind Your Business

Podcast: Plan Early to Secure Your Financial Future. cdspi.com: As a young dentist, you’re likely juggling many priorities as you look toward your financial future. Investment Planning Advisor, Michael Tyler, CFP discusses ways to plan now for your future. Read more

Podcast: When a Patient Complains. cdspi.com: Although this podcast is specific to Ontario, the information is generally applicable to all Canadian jurisdictions. Read more

You’ve Retired. So Do You Still Need Malpractice Coverage? cdspi.com: This question—asked frequently by retiring dentists—can be a source of confusion. There are two main scenarios. Read more

Your health & Medical News

Health Canada recommends that children and youth not use cough and cold products that contain opioids. healthycanadians.gc.ca: Health Canada’s safety review found that there is limited evidence to support the effectiveness of these products in children and adolescents (under 18 years of age). Read more

New Drug Landscape Dominated by High-cost Medicines. canada.ca: The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) published the 2017 edition of Meds Entry Watch, an annual publication that provides the latest information on new medicines entering Canadian and international markets. Read more

10 health stories that mattered this week. cmajnews: Read more

C.D. Howe report urges measures to curb inappropriate medical testing. cbc.ca: A new report urges several measures to curb inappropriate lab tests that it says strain the health-care system and hinder patient care. Read more

Don’t allow cannabis edibles that look like candy, medical officer of health says. thestar.com: The city’s board of health should also urge the federal government to ban cannabis vaping liquids that are offered in “youth-friendly” flavours that mimic candy or soft drinks. Read more

Drinking two or more diet beverages a day linked to high risk of stroke, heart attacks. cnn.com: More bad news for diet soda lovers: Drinking two or more of any kind of artificially sweetened drinks a day is linked to an increased risk of clot-based strokes, heart attacks and early death in women over 50. Read more

Want to see your own eHealth record? Prepare to wait. cbc.ca: Right now, just over 1,100 people across Saskatchewan who participated in a pilot project can look at their own health records online, set reminders to take medication, or see their most recent laboratory results. The rest of the province is stuck waiting, for the time being. Read more

‘Double-edged sword:’ Teens’ long-term cannabis use tied to higher depression risk. cbc.ca: Cannabis users in young adulthood risk increased depression, suicide, study suggests. Read more

Study finds bacterial profile of breast milk differs when pumped first. ctvnews.ca: A new study offers possible clues to why babies who consume pumped breast milk are at greater risk of asthma, allergies and early obesity than those who feed straight from the breast. Read more

New measles case confirmed in Vancouver. cbc.ca: The infection was acquired locally and is the second case in Vancouver this month. Read more

Eating Processed Foods Tied to Shorter Life. nytimes.com: Foods like instant noodles and soups, breakfast cereals and chicken nuggets were associated with an earlier death. Read more

Continuing education matters

Dalhousie University – Current course offerings

McGill University – Winter 2017 continuing education – upcoming courses

Université Laval – Formation continue

University of Manitoba – Continuing professional development

Université de Montréal – Formation dentaire continue

University of Alberta – Program and courses

University of British Columbia – Calendar of courses

University of Saskatchewan – Continuing professional dental education

University of Toronto – Continuing dental education

Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry University – Continuing professional development


March 7-9: Pacific Dental Conference, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Read more

March 12-16: 38th International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, Germany. Read more

March 13-19: Academy of Osseointegration 2019 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. Read more

April 4-6: Irish Dental Association Annual Conference, in Galway, Ireland. Read more

April 10-13: American Association of Endodontists Annual Meeting, in Montreal, Quebec. Read more

May 1-4: 38th Australian Dental Congress in Adelaide, Australia. Read more

May 9-11: Ontario Dental Association Annual Spring Meeting, Toronto, Ontario. Read more

May 23–25: Alberta Wellness Summit, presented by the Alberta Dental Association and College. Read more

May 24–28: Journées dentaires internationales du Québec, in Montréal, Québec. Read more

June 19–22: IADR/AADR/CADR General Session & Exhibition in Vancouver, British Columbia. Read more

September 6-9: American Dental Association Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA. Read more

September 12–14: College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan + Canadian Dental Association Joint Convention, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Read more


Please let us know about upcoming continuing education meetings that could be of interest to Canadian dentists by emailing us at oasisdiscussions@cda-adc.ca

Dental Industry News

Vegan toothpaste pill aims to cut plastics in landfills. foxbusiness.com: Bite founder and CEO Lindsay McCormick discusses how she came up with the idea of making vegan friendly zero-waist toothpaste tablets. Read more

Crest Gum Detoxify Voted Product of the Year 2019. news.pg.com: Crest® Gum Detoxify™ … has been named Product of the Year for 2019, by Kantar, a global leader in consumer research. Crest Gum Detoxify has been awarded the top honors in the Oral Care category. Read more

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