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Introducing the Erosive Tooth Wear Resource Website for Dentists and Patients

Professor David Bartlett is a member of the Faculty of Dentistry at King’s College, London, world-renowned expert in erosive tooth wear, and member of the Erosive Tooth Wear Foundation. Today, Dr. Bartlett discusses a new resource website created by the foundation with support from Proctor and Gamble, GlaxoSmithKline, and Unilever.  

The Erosive Tooth Wear website is designed for patients and dentists alike and is split into two separate portals providing unique resources for each group.

  • For patients, information about the basics of erosive tooth wear, signs and symptoms, as well as treatment and prevention are available.
  • For dentists, the portal includes e-learning modules concerning epidemiology and basic erosive wear examinations and a knowledge base where dentist can search for related articles.

With more resources currently in progress, this site is expanding and hopes to serve dentists and patients in the UK, Canada and beyond.

About Dr. David Bartlett

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