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Navigating Retirement: Enhancing Your Life After Dentistry

Ron Haik, VP Investment Advisory Services at CDSPI, Dr. Alan Roadburg, PhD, a leading authority on retirement lifestyle education, and Susan Roberts, VP Insurance Advisory Services at CDSPI, will be speaking at the upcoming Pacific Dental Conference in March 2017 in Vancouver. Their session will feature a comprehensive financial and quality of life approach to retirement planning, based on lessons learned from CDSPI’s recent survey of retired Canadian dentists. The session runs on Thursday, March 9, 2017 8:30am – 11:00am and is titled: Navigating Retirement: Enhancing Your Life After Dentistry. 


Planning for “retirement” is often most closely associated with ensuring you are financially secure. Yet, a new survey conducted by CDSPI and Dr. Alan Roadburg, PhD, with retired Canadian dentists indicates that true retirement happiness is not based on money alone. It is also rooted in the quality of life while retired, and one’s ability to replace the personal satisfactions enjoyed while active as a working professional.

Learning Objectives

  1. Every attendee will receive a free book – ‘Life After Dentistry’
  2. Discover what Canadian dentists in retirement reveal about their quality of life.
  3. Design your ideal retirement lifestyle plan by participating in a workshop with renowned retirement lifestyle planner Dr. Alan Roadburg.
  4. Learn how a retirement planner helps you determine how much money you will need to retire and how long you may need it to last.
  5. Learn how to manage risks to a financially secure retirement through insurance.




  1. Peter Lobb February 15, 2017

    Is there any way to find out if a copy of the free book to be given at the retirement course by CDSPI,”Life After Dentistry” can be obtained if one is unable to attend the course at the PDC on March 9th? It would be very valuable to understand the transition and challenges one faces at they head to retirement.

    1. Deborah Niles March 6, 2017

      Hi Peter,

      You can request a copy of the book by calling Ed Dermit, VP of Business Development at CDSPI. His number is 416-385-6821, or 1-800-561-9401, x. 6821. This topic will also be presented at the Ontario Dental Association ASM, coming up in May.

      Deborah Niles
      Marketing, CDSPI

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