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CDA Oasis Briefing: # 1

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I hope you are enjoying your day. Below are some stories that have come across my desk recently and I thought you would enjoy getting a quick briefing on them.   


1. Consensus statement on antibiotic prophylaxis for patients with prosthetic joint replacements – one dentist’s dilemma

A colleague recently contacted me speaking very highly of the consensus statement on antibiotic prophylaxis for patients with prosthetic joint replacements created by CDA and two medical organizations. She finds the statement so helpful that she has incorporated its use into her daily clinical practice. Yeah!

She also told me however that, on three recent occasions, a patient came back to her with counter-advice from a medical specialist that an antibiotic must be taken prior to dental care. This leaves our colleague frustrated and in a dilemma.

Can you identify with this scenario in your recent clinical practice? What have you done or what would you suggest doing in such a scenario? Please share your insights with me (your anonymity with respect to the “outside world” is assured).

What is your experience?


2. State of Oral Health in Canada – a report you may find useful

CDA recently published a report called the State of Oral Health in Canada, which provides an overview of oral health in Canada.

In the report, you will find insights and information on: the state of oral health around the world; how Canada compares against other countries; information on funding models, statistics on dental usage and access to oral care; key trends; priority areas for improving oral health; programs being spearheaded by provincial dental associations and more.

Please check out the report and let us know what you think of it.

What do you think of the report?


3. 150th Annual Spring Meeting (ASM) of the ODA

The Ontario Dental Association invites you to its 150th Annual Spring Meeting (ASM), taking place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from May 4 – 6, 2017, presented in conjunction with the Canadian Dental Association.

Now in its 150th year, the ASM attracts over 12,000 attendees, and features 75,000 square feet of exhibit space and over 355 exhibiting companies from across Canada, the United States and internationally.

Learn more and register online at the ASM website.  


 4. A newly-published discussion paper on stress among health professionals – a big issue

The US National Academy of Medicine has just released a discussion paper titled A Multifaceted Systems Approach to Addressing Stress Within Health Professions Education and Beyond

There are unique stressors faced by health professionals that begin during the educational process and continue throughout training and into practice. While stress is expected owing to the intense nature of the work in health care, the systems in which faculty and health professionals work often intensifies this already stressful environment and can lead to negative mental and physical effects.

Stress takes a major toll on individuals and has been reported to increase absenteeism, errors, burnout, and substance use, and it can even lead to individuals quitting the health professions altogether. What do you do to manage stress in your daily professional life?

What are your best stress management tips?


5. How do you test for pulp vitality?  Please answer a quick poll on favored approaches 

A colleague has written seeking feedback from other dentists and endodontists, regarding the use of Electric Pulp Test (EPT) machines in determining diagnosis of necrotic teeth.

He writes “Many dentists are using only endo-ice to determine necrotic vs reversible/irreversible pulpitis. I’ve heard from both camps, endo-ice alone is sufficient for making a determination, and others stating EPT is necessary to confirm necrosis. (Aside from the drill-test).”

Before we attempt to create an Oasis post on this topic, we would love to get a sense of what Canadian dentists are doing in daily practice. In that light, could you please respond to the really quick poll below (your response is anonymous).

Poll: Which technique do you tend to use to test for pulpal vitality/necrosis?
39 votes · 0 answers



On a lighter note 

If you are going to the ODA/CDA Meeting in Toronto in May, the Blue Jays will not be at home, however, there will be lots to do and see in Toronto at that time. Check out the Toronto Events Calendar here.

For this lighter note feature, would you have, for example, a recipe, a fitness tip, a travel tip, a photo of the day to share? Please send me your suggestions.  


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Disclaimer CDA Oasis compiles news stories from a wide range of sources to keep you informed and bring you the latest in the world of dentistry, whether or not it agrees with the CDA’s views. Publication of an article or news item on CDA Oasis in no way implies CDA’s endorsement, agreement, or promotion of a particular article.

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