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Guided Surgery for Implants with Dr. Izchak Barzilay


Dr. Barzilay discusses guided surgery with respect to implant surgery. 


Implant surgery has always been guided. We used to guide surgeons as to where we wanted implants placed and they would try their best to place them in those exact positions or as close to them as possible. Nowadays, “guided surgery” has become more exact with the use of information from CBCTs and digital software systems. As a result, currently, CAD/CAM guided surgeries involve very precise implant placement not possible just a short time ago.

Key messages

  • CBCT radiography should be considered the gold standard now in implant dentistry and aids in the accurate placement of implants when combined with other digital technologies.
  • Guided surgery allows practitioners to place implants in difficult positions while avoiding vital structures.
  • Much of the time, guided surgery allows the placement of implants without raising flaps which is much more comfortable for patients.
  • It is prudent to consider a guided surgery technique for single tooth implant placement to avoid damage to the neighbouring roots, and place implants with ideal angulation and position.

Oasis Moment: Guided Surgery for Implants

Guided Surgery for Implants Presentation


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