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Can we chat for five minutes about a simple idea please?

One of our real dreams for Oasis Discussions is that it can provide a hub for Canadian dentists to share clinically-related ideas with colleagues, for the benefit of all. Naturally, we are always honored and delighted to work with recognized clinical leaders, however, I am convinced that a huge untapped reservoir of clinical wisdom resides in a multitude of Canadian dentists, who do not seek attention, or whose voices tend not to be heard beyond a small circle of professional colleagues and friends.

Our team members at the CDA Oasis want to create an intimate campfire atmosphere where it becomes very comfortable and easy for all willing dentists to share ideas with colleagues. If lots of people share a tiny amount of clinical knowledge, insights and wisdom, there will be a huge collective pay-off. To make this happen, we need to open a conversation with you to explore how we can make it as easy and as comfortable as possible for you to share some insights that can be featured in our “From the Chairside” section on Oasis.

Let me open the conversation by posing this question: Have you introduced any innovation (of any sort, no matter how minor) in your practice in the past 3 years that has changed the way you practice dentistry for the better? By innovation, I refer to a material, an instrument, a device, a system (no matter how simple) a form, a sign, a brochure, etc., etc.?


Can you think of such an innovation, and would you be prepared to talk to me about it for less than 5 minutes for Oasis? If so, please give me a signal and we can brainstorm a way forward.  No idea whatsoever is too insignificant to have an initial one-to-one conversation about.

It is really easy to get hold of me for that initial conversation, as I have a virtual open door policy. These days, my preferred means of conversing with anybody located elsewhere is via the Zoom video conference platform (https://zoom.us). I keep my customized Zoom Personal Meeting Space (please see link below) open at all times when I am in the CDA office and not engaged in a meeting of some sort.

By clicking on the link below, and following three quick steps, we will be face-to-face for a conversation, as quick as the blink of an eyelid.  You can reach me from any device that has a camera/microphone/speaker built-in or attached. If connecting via smartphone or tablet, it is best to download the free “Zoom Cloud Meetings” app.

Here is how to open a “Let’s share this idea” conversation with me……..

How to contact me now (you will reach me “live” on one of these channels)

Video Meetings Link: https://zoom.us/j/6136144798 – always on when I am available at CDA office (very easy to use from any device with a camera, and “face-to-face” is my preference)

Mobile Phone: (613) 614-4798 (always open, often on silent mode)

Office Landline: 1-800-267-6354 ext. 5000 – toll free in North America

Write me a message in the Comments section below, it will come directly to me and will not go live. 


I look forward to connecting with you and sharing ideas!


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  1. Dr. Ragu Ganesh M October 5, 2016

    I would be happy to discuss the use of floss for holding the wire used for splinting or permanent retainer if anyway it is new to you sir


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