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Nepal dentist brings relief to earthquake victims and fears epidemic

Dr. Neil Pande Kathmandu, Nepal

Dr. Neil Pande
Kathmandu, Nepal

Dr. Neil Pande, a general dentist who lives and practices in Kathmandu, Nepal speaks about the disaster that hit his country just five days ago. Like many other dentists in Nepal, he is working full time these days to provide emergency relief to the victims of the earthquake.

His biggest fear at present is for an epidemic to strike victims left homeless and living in appalling conditions in emergency shelters. Dr. Pande promises to keep us updated as the needs of the people becomes clearer after initial assessment.





Watch the video interview with Dr. Neil Pande


Take an Oasis Moment (shorter video)


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  1. VR April 29, 2015

    Thanks for that! I hope we can get some guidance as to how we can donate/help as dentists. I will contribute to Red Cross, etc. also.


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