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Conversation Opener: An industry perspective on digital impressions with Christien Kopas

Image of Christien Kopas 1Ms. Christien Kopas, from Carestream Dental, spoke with Dr. Suham Alexander about digital impressions and how they started and where they are today. 

Ms. Christien Kopas is the CS solutions Specialist for Carestream Dental Canada and has been in the dental industry for over 26 years as a CDA, practice manager, consultant, sales rep and lab sales rep. She is very proud to be an integration specialist and expert in digital impression systems and dental processes. 



Watch the Video Interview 


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  1. Otto tidwell September 28, 2015

    I use models in planning for fully guided implants – how applicable is this scanner to my job. Normally – I take models send to lab for pour and articulation, wax up and finally a scan

    1. Christien Kopas April 15, 2016

      When you send a physical impression to your lab they are pouring it up and creating an STL file for you. The CS 3500 creates an STL file immediately chairside. You can bring that STL file into design software yourself like 3shape implant studio or you could send the file and the DICOM from the CBCT to a third party like 360 imaging. They can design the surgical guide for you. Your lab could possible do it for you as well. Any other questions please let me know

  2. Christien Kopas April 15, 2016

    The CS 3500 IOS sends files in an STL format and can be sent directly to your guided surgery company such as 360 imaging or BLUE SKY BIO. if you would prefer to do the designing yourself, you could take the CBCT, bring in the STL file from your scanner and design the surgical guide yourself ( 3shape implant studio) . Send the design to the lab and have them mill a surgical guide. One step further, you could mill or 3D print your own surgical guide onsite (Proto 3000) any other questions let me know


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