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Summary Report: NCOHR Team Building Workshop: Modelling the Interaction of Multidimensional Risk Factors in Caries Disparity


headertextIn September 2014, Drs. Elham Emami (Associate Professor, Université de Montréal) and Linda Booij (Assistant Professor, Queen’s University and Sainte-Justine Hospital) along with postdoctoral fellow Dr. Svetlana Tikhonova (Université de Montréal) led and organized a 2-day workshop to facilitate the development of new multi- and inter-disciplinary collaborative research teams on caries and oral health disparity.

The workshop was centered on the following outcomes:

  1. Exchange knowledge on multidimensional modelling of caries disparities, and to identify caries disparity research gaps and needs;
  2. Discuss innovative strategies and interventions, targeting aspects of caries disparity that can be controlled by stakeholders, decision makers and primary health care providers, and that can attract external funding;
  3. Develop strategic national and international interdisciplinary participatory action research partnerships in the caries disparities field, that have the potential to strengthen research capacity and to provide mentored training opportunities for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty members.

The workshop themes evolved around: 

  • Epidemiology, prevention and intervention of caries. We discussed the latest research in terms of effective and less effective interventions, and how interventions used in other fields can be applied to dental care.
  • Bio-socio-psychological pathways contributing to risk for caries. We discussed research on the impact of early life stress on mental, oral and physical health, as well as the biological underpinnings, and the challenges of assessing early life stress in vulnerable communities.
  • Participatory approaches in seamless integration of oral health and primary health care.
  • Challenges in conducting research, implementation of effective interventions, and knowledge transfer in rural and remote, Indigenous, poor and immigrant populations.


NCOHR Team Building Workshop: Modelling the Interaction of Multidimensional Risk Factors in Caries Disparity: Summary Report (PDF)

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