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News Bites from CDA Knowledge Networks – 2014/11/04


Dear colleagues, Here is a sampling of news items that came across our desks at CDA in the past week. We invite you to send us leads to news stories worth sharing that have come across your desk in the past week and we look forward to hearing from you (jokeefe@cda-adc.ca) or 1-800-267-6354 ext. 5000). Best wishes, John

Top Five Must Reads

  • Sorafenid and osteonecrosis of the jaw, Canadian Adverse Reaction newsletter. In order to improve the understanding of the potential risk of ONJ in patients taking sorafenib, health care professionals are encouraged to report this adverse reaction to Health Canada. Read more
  • Ottawa woman facing $50K tooth fix gains support of dental groups. Woman with a rare genetic tooth disorder is facing a $50,000 dental fix that isn’t covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Program. Read more
  • How the simplest dental implant procedure can trigger an extremely serious complication – This case shows that even simple implantological procedures, often considered routine and risk-free, can lead to severe and potentially lethal complications. Read more
  • Diabetes and Oral Health: Your Dentist Sees More Than Your Teeth. The Ontario Dental Association recognizes November as Diabetes Awareness Month and the connection between oral and overall health. Read more
  • Ebola outbreak prompts Canada to deploy more quarantine officers at airports. Canada announces an additional $30.5 million to fight Ebola. Read more

Canadian dentistry news

Government won’t pay $30K so woman can chew. Judy Perrin-Royer’s dental surgeon described her as an oral cripple in need of dental implants, but the provincial government won’t pay for the $30,000 procedure. Read more

University of Alberta School of Dentistry adds another graduate program to its roster. The School of Dentistry now has a new Oral Medicine Graduate Program. Read more

Diabetes and Dental Hygiene. As Canadians mark National Diabetes Awareness Month this November, dental hygienists reiterate that oral health professionals are important members of the diabetes health care team. Read more

Alumni Anchor magazine inspires alumnus to share his fitness story. Dr. Art Spencer (DDS’82) at the 55 Plus Games in Alberta. Read more

CIHI figures must be treated with caution: CMA President. President Chris Simpson has urged Canadians not to be lulled “a false sense of security” by recently released health care spending figures indicating growth in health spending is at a 17-year low in Canada. Read more

International dentistry news

Ebola resources update. ADA, CDC, OSAP provide resources to dental professionals. Read more

Ebola Monitoring. Interim U.S. Guidance for Monitoring and Movement of Persons with Potential Ebola Virus Exposure. Read more

Ebola Virus. Epidemiologic Risk Factors to Consider when Evaluating a Person for Exposure. Read more

ADA creates new brushing video for National Brush Day on Nov. 1. The American Dental Association released a new video to remind everyone how to properly brush his or her teeth — for two minutes, twice a day. Read more

Making ‘difficult choices’ to make a better ADA. Dr. Feinberg pledges a ‘real-world’ approach to challenges. Read more

Minamata Convention On Mercury – IN6 on Mercury to meet in Bangkok. FDI and its partners will be present as observers at the sixth session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee on Mercury (INC 6), to take place in Bangkok, Thailand, from 3 to 7 November 2014. Read more

Minamata Convention: practical advice for dentists. FDI will soon make available a toolkit on how to implement the provisions on dental amalgam in the Minamata Convention on Mercury in a clinical setting. Read more

World congress on dental care, oral health and ageing to take place in Japan. The World Congress 2015 ‘Dental care and oral health for healthy longevity in an aging society’ is taking place in Tokyo, Japan, in March 2015. Read more

As GDC backs flawed fee rise, BDA says “we’ll see you in court”. The British Dental Association (BDA) has reacted to news that the General Dental Council (GDC) is set to press ahead with a 55% rise in its annual retention fee for dentists. Read more

Elite sportsman champions national oral health day. Professional rugby league player Shaun Johnson is this year’s National Oral Health Day ambassador. Read more

Mouth cancer ‘affects one in seven of us’. With cases of mouth cancer approaching 7,000 and deaths exceeding 2,000 for the first time, mouth cancer campaigners believe more people could soon know someone affected. Read more

Rein in self-regulated bodies. A cautionary tale for Canada is unfolding in a U.S. Supreme Court case that pits a David (small businesses that provide teeth whitening) against a Goliath (professional dentists) who wants them to stop. Read more

WHO Issues Interim Guidance on the Use of Delamanid in the Treatment of MDR-TB – A new TB drug with a novel mechanism of action – delamanid – is now available for treatment of adults with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB). Read more

Chikungunya increases in the Caribbean, new cases in France. Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) shows chikungunya cases continuing to climb in the Caribbean and Americas. Read more

Clinical & scientific news

Simple saliva test may reveal deadly diseases early enough to treat them. UCLA research could lead to a simple saliva test capable of diagnosing – at an early stage – diabetes and cancer, and perhaps neurological disorders and autoimmune diseases. Read more

Proper dental care linked to reduced risk of respiratory infections in ICU patients. New research shows vulnerable patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) who received enhanced oral care from a dentist were at significantly less risk for developing a lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI). Read more

Hair keratins mutations in tooth enamel increase dental decay risk. Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body and has a unique combination of hardness and fracture toughness that protects teeth from dental caries, the most common chronic disease worldwide. Read more

A treatment for osteoporosis and bone cancer, employed for the first time in dental filling procedures. An impressive research program where the main objective is the development of bioactive restorative and/or preventive materials with potential regenerative properties for dental tissues. Read more

Weight-Loss Surgery Lowers Type 2 Diabetes Risk. Weight-loss surgery significantly lowers an obese person’s risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Read more

Smoking is a pain in the back. A new Northwestern Medicine study has found that smokers are three times more likely than nonsmokers to develop chronic back pain, and dropping the habit may cut your chances of developing this often debilitating condition. Read more

Study finds brain abnormalities in chronic fatigue patients. An imaging study by Stanford University School of Medicine investigators has found distinct differences between the brains of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and those of healthy people. Read more

Secondhand cigarette smoke causes weight gain. New research is challenging the decades-old belief that smoking cigarettes helps keep you slim. Read more

Scientists see mechanism for spontaneous HIV ‘cure’ (Update). French scientists found the genetic mechanism by which two HIV-infected men may have experienced a “spontaneous cure”, and said it offered a new strategy in the fight against AIDS. Read more

Mind your business

Marketing made easy: basic digital marketing strategies for dentists. Having a solid marketing plan before you start your business or market your existing practice is essential to a campaign’s success. Read more

Your health & medical news

A Power Breakfast to Fuel the Active Dental Professional. 8 Reasons to eat a healthy breakfast. Read more

Continuing education matters

FDI 2015 Bangkok – FDI Annual World Dental Congress, to be held in Bangkok from 22 to 25 September 2015.Registration is now open. Read more

McGill University. Fall 2014 Continuing Dental Education Schedule

Winnipeg Dental Society:

University of Alberta

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry 2015 in San Francisco: May 6–9, 2015 Courses revealed!

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If you wish to send us leads to news stories worth sharing that have come across your desk recently, please contact us by email at oasisdiscussions@cda-adc.ca or by toll-free phone at 1-855-716-2747.

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