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The National Dental Practice-Based Research Network: The Newest Oasis Discussions Contributor

LogoWe are pleased to announce that the National Dental Practice-Based Research Network has joined Oasis Discussions as a contributor. 

Canadian dentists are welcome to enroll in the network to receive information and communication regarding the network’s studies and study results. 

Although primarily devoted to providing health care services, the network is a group of outpatient care practices that has affiliated as a group and with an academic health center to investigate research questions and to share experiences and expertise. The network constitutes an organization that transcends any single research project.

The network is an effort to help dental professionals directly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of dental care. Essentially, its research is done about and in the “real world” of daily clinical practice. Unfortunately, much of dental research has not had an immediate applicability to daily dental practice. In fact, some have referred to much of the dental research conducted as “scientifically valid, statistically significant, but clinically useless”. The network strives to change that.

An important feature put forward by the network is that academic researchers and practicing clinicians engage in close collaboration at each stage of the research process. Recognizing this, a question has been added to the enrollment questionnaire regarding ideas for future PBRN research projects. Ideas will continue to be elicited using periodic written and electronic communications sent to PBRN practitioners, and at annual meetings.

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