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Featured Mark

Premedication with Antimicrobials: Matching the Right Drug to the Right Bug!

Continuing our series of pharmacological topics, my conversation with Dr. Mark Donaldson was about premedication for dental procedures, in particular, about the management of orofacial infections with antimicrobials. It’s always a pleasure to host Dr. Donaldson on Oasis Discussions, and we hope that you will enjoy as well as benefit from this interview. I also would like to thank Dr. Donaldson for sharing the entire course with our viewers/readers.  Chiraz Guessaier, CDA Oasis Manager Resource Dr. Mark Donaldson: Premedication for Dental Procedures. Course Material. Please note that this material was initially developed for CE purposes. It is, however, presented here as ...

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Featured Joel

Dr. Joel Fransen: Which Technique to Use to Test for Pulpal Vitality Necrosis?

Dr. Joel Fransen answered a question that came our way from a Canadian dentist: Which technique do you tend to use to test for pulpal vitality necrosis? Chiraz Guessaier, CDA Oasis Manager    

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Featured Anne

Understanding Phishing & Social Engineering in the Dental Practice

Anne Genge comes back to speak with Dr. Suham Alexander about the dangers of email phishing and how to avoid it in your office.   Resource 6 Tips for Your Dental Practice     

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Featured Colgate 2

Practical How To: Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief with Pro-Argin Technology is a breakthrough treatment for patients with dentin hypersensitivity. It can be used before or after dental procedures, such as prophylaxis and scaling. This unique technology is based on the natural process of tubule occlusion to block the hydrodynamic mechanism. Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief toothpaste is clinically proven to provide instant and lasting sensitivity relief for 4 weeks after a single application. Pro-Argin technology helps block pain stimuli, such as tactile pressure and cold air. It’s fast and easy to use. Resources Clinical evaluation of the efficacy of a desensitizing paste containing 8% Arginine and calcium ...

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Featured Ransomware

What Does the Latest Worldwide Cyber Attack Mean for You?

As the workweek begins, many are concerned about the spread of malicious software that seized hundreds of thousands of computer systems around the globe late last week. Anne Genge comes back to tell us more about the nature of the attack, what it means for Canadian dentists and the best ways to protect your practice from these cyber attacks.   Refresher on Ransomware Additional Oasis Resources Ransomware – An update with Anne Genge Dental Staff Computer Use: Safe Practices The Impact of Human Error on the Practice’s Systems and Processes Privacy Policies, Documents, and Procedures Backup Essentials for Dental Practices ...

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panavia-sa-cement-automix-handmix 2

Practical How To: Kuraray’s PANAVIA SA Cement Plus

This post was prepared in collaboration with Kuraray  On an experimental basis, we have asked a limited number of companies to provide us with practical “How To” answers to clinical questions. We were prompted to conduct this experiment when dental team members told us that they visit company websites and consult company representatives for practical clinical information. We look forward to receiving your feedback on this experiment. This next generation of the original PANAVIA SA Cement offers stronger shear bond strengths; faster light-curing time; and room temperature storage. Its EASY CLEANUP reduces the risk of gingival trauma, making it deal for indirect procedures.. ...

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Featured Rebecca

COHN Webinar: Motivational Interviewing and Patient Engagement

Why don’t patients follow home care instructions? It is often frustrating for the dental professional to spend time on patient education to find out that the patient did not follow through with instructions. How the dental professional talks with the patient about their health influences their intrinsic motivation for change. Motivational interviewing is an evidence-based approach that seeks to engage and activate patients in their own health. Motivational Interviewing is a collaborative, goal-oriented method of communication with particular attention to the language of change. It is designed to strengthen an individual’s motivation for and movement toward a specific goal by ...

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Featured Mark

Three Drug Classes Every Dental Professional Should Know!

It’s always an honour to meet with Dr. Mark Donaldson, Pharmacologist and senior Executive Director at Vizient Inc. Part of our monthly conversations, Mark spoke about the three drug classes that every dental professional should know: antimicrobials, analgesics, and local anesthetics. I hope you find the interview informative.  Chiraz Guessaier, CDA Oasis Manager Highlights Oral healthcare professionals (OHCPs) are routinely involved with the selection and prescription of medications for their patients. This course is designed to help them become better-informed prescribers of the top three drug classes employed in dentistry: antibiotics, analgesics, and local anesthetics. Patient safety is the number ...

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