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Report Back from the PDC Exhibit Floor: The SciCan STAT CLAVE Chamber Autoclave



During this year’s Pacific Dental Conference (PDC), dental professionals got a preview of just how intertwined technology and dental devices have become. While the machines do their important work, built-in software elevates process-adherence and captures key data that serves dentists and patients alike. 

Today, we’re revisiting the PDC exhibit floor where Dr. John O’Keefe spoke to Ted Gray of SciCan to learn more about their new STATCLAVE chamber autoclave. 

This video post is for reference and information only. CDA Oasis and the Canadian Dental Association do not endorse or sponsor this product.

During this conversation, Ted Gray reviews:

  • The STATCLAVE’s features, functions, on-board data capture systems as well as its process-enforced functionality and sterilizing capabilities; and
  • provides a detailed demonstration of how it works.  

Learn more about the SciCan STATCLAVE


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Read/download the transcript of the conversation (PDF)

Full Conversation (6.17″)




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