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Report Back from the PDC Exhibit Floor: The New Colgate Total Formulation

The 2019 Pacific Dental Conference (PDC) is over but there’s still much we can discover from the presentations and products on display there. Before we start looking ahead to the 2020 conference, we’re taking a look back at what we found on this year’s exhibit floor.

In this edition, Dr. John O’Keefe meets up with Dr. Mathilde Hernandez of Colgate to talk about their new Colgate Total formula.

This video post is for reference and information only. CDA Oasis and the Canadian Dental Association do not endorse or sponsor this product.

During this short video discussion, Dr. Hernandez talks about:

  • Why the new formula brings fresh benefits to patients.
  • What Colgate is whole mouth health and protection.
  • Product benefits and where to learn more.

Read/download the transcript of the conversation (PDF)

Full Conversation (2.43″)

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  1. David Okamura May 17, 2019

    There is an even more superior way to improve oral and physical health. As we know the underlying problem is micro-organisms that form the plaque. If there was a bacteriocidal dentifrice or solution combined with an anti-plaque formation ingredient such as xylitol then I know we would have an ideal product to combat oral disease. Such products are available from American Biotech Labs (ablsilver.com) Their silver solutions have well documented research in over 60 studies that demonstrate that their patent protected solution kills not only bacteria, but viruses, fungus as well. Dr Andrew Willoughby of Prince George BC has done a lot of research with their products and probably knows more about their efficacy in dental practice. Their Tooth Gel contains both the silver solution and xylitol which makes it an ideal paste. This paste has been tested and shown to reduce plaque and gingival inflammation by as much 70% within the first week in a number of patients.


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