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Conversation with Dr. Sree Koka: How Do You Attract and Retain Patients?



Dr. Sree Koka spoke to Dr. John O’Keefe and a live audience about attracting and retaining new patients based on his experience starting a prosthodontic practice from scratch.

Helpful hints

  • Have a vision of what YOU want your practice to be.
  • Remain true to your own value systems and surround yourself with team member that share them.
  • The 1st appointment is very important in making an impression on a patient.
  • Patients want to know their dental practitioner is confident. competent and professional.
    • Updated knowledge and technology within the office.
    • Comfort level in speaking to and answering the patient’s questions as well as those of family members.
    • Refer to experience related to the patient’s needs/treatment.
    • Comfort level in the presence of other healthcare providers (assistants, hygienists, physicians etc.).
  • Tailor your messaging to the patient, his/her personality and generation.
  • Know and understand the demographics your practice serves.
    • Tailor your marketing so that you find them or they find you where they search.
    • Provide the “experience” your patient pool expects.
  • Online reviews can be an important source of referrals.
    • Manage your online reviews and contact the dissatisfied patients privately to see how their experience(s) could have been improved.
  • Network and build relationships with colleagues and other like-minded individuals.
  • Consider creating a video or material that introduces the doctor(s)/team to the patient before arrival to the office.
  • Understand that there may be instances where the fit between patient and practitioner may be poor and the patient may need to seek care elsewhere.


  1. Patients’ Perspectives on Ideal Physician Behaviors
  2. When patient-centred care is worth doing well: informed consent or shared decision-making

Full Interview (52.48″)


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