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CDA Oasis Conversations: Dr. Paul Cameron on the CDA Dental Benefits Working Group

Paul Cameron Edited 2Dr. Paul Cameron, Chair of the CDA Dental Benefits Working Group and CDA Board Member, spoke with Dr. John O’Keefe about the role and objectives of the new Dental Benefits Working Group. 

The CDA Working Group on Dental Benefits was established to ensure CDA adopts an effective approach to the management of issues related to dental benefits. Some of the working group’s objectives include:

  • Assisting CDA in engaging the dental benefit industry towards the development of new dental benefit models and claim submission processes. These will assist the development of new oral health delivery model that facilitate access to care in a fashion that does not impose an unfair burden on dental offices.
  • Developing information material to explain how certain models of care and plan features can put oral health at risk.
  • Developing business rules for the submission of claims and information products. This will help dentists not to unwillingly breach professional and business regulations.
  • Exploring cost saving measures that ensure the sustainability of dental plans that support access to oral health.


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