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Pandemic Stress Observations


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impose itself on life both inside and outside the dental office, Dr. Amanda Trotti, a general practitioner from Toronto, joins Dr. John O’Keefe to share her observations on the oral manifestations of stress among patients in her practice during the pandemic.

Dr.Trotti highlights the importance of being especially sensitive to patient needs at this time, and suggests taking extra time with stressed patients.

Here are the key observations from the conversation:


    • Increase in oral/mucosal manifestations of stress
    • Increased gingival inflammation
    • Cracked teeth – parafunctional habit, grinding, or clenching
    • Dental infections that progress more rapidly


    • Reports of TMJ/facial pain
    • Difficulty achieving profound anesthesia
    • Fillings that feel more sensitive
    • Increase in post-extraction soreness

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Full Conversation (23'19")

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