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Why is CDSPI different?

Dr. Jeff Williams, the new Chair of the Board of Directors at CDSPI, joined me recently on the CDA Oasis Good News Show. We spoke for 9 minutes, and you can watch the conversation at https://vimeo.com/575452413.

The first question I asked was why I should park my money and my trust with CDSPI, when there are so many insurance & investment organizations courting my business.

I was impressed by Jeff’s emphasis on listening to dentists and understanding our needs. The dentist advisory panel at CDSPI is a very important mechanism for communicating the needs, priorities, and preferences of an increasingly diverse profession to CDSPI. The issues raised by the advisory panel are communicated by senior management to the CDSPI Board which is comprised of two dentists and five experienced business professionals with deep knowledge of the insurance, investment and information technology worlds.

I came away from the conversation with the sense that CDSPI looks at me not as a client, or even a member, but as an individual with whom the organization has a relationship.

Learn more about the organization and what it offers to dentists, their family members, and members of dental teams at www.cdspi.com. Here you can find information about insurance, investments, and the Member Assistance Program.



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