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The Importance of Clinician Scientists in Dentistry

Panel conversation with the Canadian Association for Dental Research Roundtable

In this edition of the Canadian Association for Dental Research roundtable discussions, Dr. John O’Keefe, Director of Knowledge Networks CDA, invites three eminent researchers from the dental research field to discuss the importance of clinician scientists in the dental community.

Dr. Michael Glogauer (U of T), Dr. Noha Gomma (Western University), and Dr. Zeeshan Sheikh (Dalhousie University), share their considerable experience as clinician scientists, touching on key issues such as working opportunities, training and mentorship pathways, and the essential role clinician scientists play in spanning the translational gap between scientific knowledge and patient care.

“For dentists who have a curiosity that cannot be satisfied by being a clinician, and for scientists who want to fully utilize their training, becoming a clinician scientist is a choice they will never regret.” Dr. Michael Glogauer

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Full Conversation (33.53")

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