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The 2021 3-Minute Thesis Competition

Becoming an influential research scientist is not just about getting the work done. It’s also about being able to communicate your work in an effective way.

The three-minute thesis is an internationally recognized research communication competition where participants have three minutes to deliver a compelling synopsis of their research to a lay audience, using a single static slide. The concept originated at the University of Queensland, Australia in 2008 and is now held in over 200 universities worldwide, including the University of Toronto.

Here are the fourteen candidates from various post-graduate programs at the Faculty of Dentistry, U of T, who competed in the opening heats this year.

  • Hetal DesaiNo Drill No Freeze Dentistry, A New Reality
  • James TonogaiDeveloping a Decision Tool for Implant Dentistry
  • Mina VaezCollagen Balance!
  • Rajeshwari Hadagalu Revana SiddappaInsight into Root Resorption Mechanism
  • Abdulrahman GhoneimThe Benefits of Dental Care
  • Fereshteh Sadat YounesiJogging Stem Cell Memory in Relaxed Environments!
  • Sophia HuangCSI: Nano Investigation of Cancer Crime Scene Using Nanometrology
  • Rana BadewyIs My Breast Milk Affected by My Oral Health?
  • Pardis RiahiIdentifying the Underlying Mechanisms of Bacterial Vascular Interaction in Lyme Disease
  • Hebatullah HusseinNanoparticles “Fight and Fix” Strategy: Better Microbes and Temper Inflammation
  • Zach GouveiaBreaking the Cycle of Failed Restorations
  • Sally ElshennawyStreptococcus Salivarius PB776 A Prebiotic Against Dental Caries
  • Maya EzzoWhen Cells Get Touchy
  • Yihan LiWhere is the Future of Preventing Peri-Implant Disease?

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