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  1. David Okamura March 28, 2021

    These so called vaccine are not FDA approved. They are experimental gene therapy . There are no animal studies to establish safety so in fact humans are the “lab rats” to conduct experiments on humans When is the last time this kind of experimentation was conducted? Think nazi Germany under Hitler. To say that these vaccine meet the standard for safety is a complete LIE ! When will this kind of false information cease to be tolerated . The long term effects of gene therapy will not be known for years So why can anyone say with a straight face they are safe History tells us no vaccine to date is safe long term or short term for that matter There is a medical motto that states “do no harm” And don’t tell me the reward out weighs the risk With mRNA being synthetic, when or if they if it ever be cleared from the body and what effect it will have on your DNA . Be careful what you think is true when there is no evidence to say they are safe No one knows ,even those who developed these gene therapies would agree .


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