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News Bites from CDA Knowledge Networks – 2021/02/10

Health Canada in 'final stages' of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine review. ctvnews.ca, Feb 9: Health Canada is in its “final stages” of reviewing the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine candidate, according to the agency’s senior medical adviser Dr. Supriya Sharma. On Tuesday during a technical briefing, Sharma said that Health Canada is currently going back and forth with the pharmaceutical company about what information the label will include. Read more

How a Canadian invention is keeping surgical skills sharp while COVID-19 idles many ORs. cbc.ca, Feb 10: Elaborate virtual-reality surgical training tool has been adopted by 22 medical schools. As COVID-19 surged across Canada, many operating rooms were idled, freeing up needed space for infected patients and redirecting medical staff and students to care for them. But the unprecedented move came at a cost. Read more

Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world on Wednesday. cbc.ca, Feb 10: N.L. reports 30 new COVID-19 cases Tuesday, 2nd-highest single-day case number ever. Study offers "promising" evidence that at least one COVID-19 vaccine may curb virus transmission. Battling vaccine misinformation, mistrust and systemic failure in Britain's minority communities. Doctors who contracted COVID-19 at a bonspiel dug into how they got it. Here's what they found. Read more

Third variant detected in Canada, prompting concern from health experts. ctvnews.ca, Feb 8: Labs across Canada are on the hunt for variants, and with increasing regularity, they are finding them. The extra-contagious variants that emerged in the U.K. and South Africa have been found in seven provinces now — and Ontario recently logged the country's first case of the variant that was first detected in Brazil, known as the P.1 variant. Read more

Health Canada says Pfizer's vaccine vials can be stretched to 6 doses. cbc.ca, Feb 9: After an independent regulatory review, Health Canada has agreed with a request from Pfizer to recognize that each vial of the company's vaccine includes six doses, not five. Read more

Feds to require negative COVID-19 test at land borders. ctvnews.ca, Feb 9: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says starting next week, anyone arriving in Canada by land will also need to show a recent negative COVID-19 test. Trudeau says the new measure will kick in Feb. 15. Read more

‘Vaccine nationalism’ could see world economy lose trillions, OECD warns. globalnews.ca, Feb 9: As the Trudeau government is forced to explain delays rolling out COVID-19 vaccines, some of the world’s economic and health leaders are warning of catastrophic financial consequences if poorer countries are shortchanged on vaccinations. Read more

'We're double-dipping': Trudeau pressured to speed vaccine distribution amid Covax backlash. theguardian.com, Feb 9:Government faces accusations it is taking Covid-fighting supplies intended for developing countries. Read more

'It's devastating' disabled people not prioritized in vaccine rollout, advocates say. ctvnews.ca, Feb 9: Disabled people outside of congregant care aren’t being prioritized in Canada’s vaccine rollout, and advocates say it’s just one more way their community isn’t being protected. Read more

'Reason to celebrate': Early evidence suggests vaccines halting COVID outbreaks in nursing homes. The evidence is anecdotal and less-than-definitive, but experts say the limited amount of COVID-19 vaccination completed in Canada is already having a tangible, positive impact. Read more

Here’s why Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine shipments to Canada have been delayed. thestar.com, Feb 8: Moderna’s delivery of COVID-19 vaccines to Canada has hit delays because the company has encountered problems with its European supply chain and restrictions on exports of vaccine supplies, the Star has learned. Read more

UHN-led study shows antiviral drug speeds up clearance of COVID-19. uhn.ca, Feb 8: According to the study, published in Lancet Respiratory Medicine, patients who received a single injection of peginterferon-lambda were over four times more likely to have cleared the infection within seven days, when compared to a group treated with placebo. Read more

Nurses especially suffering as Canadian healthcare workers’ mental health deteriorates. nationalpost.com Feb 8: ...Seventy per cent of health-care workers who participated in a Statistics Canada survey released last week reported worsening mental health as a result of working during the pandemic. Read more

COVID-19: Mouth rinse test gets same results as invasive nose swab: B.C. study. theprovince.com, Feb  7: A mouth rinse test is just as effective in detecting COVID-19 as the more uncomfortable nose swab test, according to a Vancouver-based study just published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology. Read more

Once approved, Canada aiming for quick delivery of next-in-line COVID-19 vaccines. ctvnews.ca, Feb 7: Should Health Canada approve the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines, the federal government is aiming to have shipments make their way to this country as soon as that green light is given. Read more

Tracking variants of the novel coronavirus in Canada. ctvnews.ca, Feb 8: As COVID-19 continues to spread, several new variants of the novel coronavirus have emerged. There are currently three new strains of the virus that have been identified: B.1.1.7, B.1.351, and P.1. Read more

CDC report: Double-masking can block more than 90 percent of viral particles. nbcnews.com, Feb 10: The report is the first from the CDC looking at how well different mask-wearing techniques protect people. Double-masking — specifically, wearing a surgical mask underneath a cloth mask — may provide an extremely high level of protection against the viral particles that cause Covid-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Wednesday. Read more

Two new variants of COVID-19 found in England under investigation. ctvnews.ca, Feb 9: One of the new variants, first identified in Bristol, has been designated a "Variant of Concern," by the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group. The other, first identified in Liverpool, has been designated as a "Variant under Investigation" by the group. Read more

About 1 in 10 Americans have gotten at least their first COVID-19 shot, but supply challenges remain. ctvnews.ca Feb 10: ...And while U.S. and state leaders are optimistic vaccinations will ramp up further in the coming months, several challenges remain, including supply shortages and equitable access -- which come as public health experts say the U.S. is in a race against time as COVID-19 variants keep spreading across the country. Read more

South Africa to use unapproved Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine in battle against variant. cp24.com, Feb 10: South Africa will give the unapproved Johnson & Johnson vaccine to its front-line health workers beginning next week as a study to see what protection it provides from COVID-19, particularly against the variant dominant there. Zweli Mkhize said South Africa has scrapped plans to use the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine because it “does not prevent mild to moderate disease” of the variant. Read more

Facebook to take down posts with false claims about vaccines. thehill.com, Feb 8: Facebook said Monday it will remove posts that spread false information about "COVID 19 vaccines and vaccines in general." The policy expands on one that the social media platform put in place in December to remove misinformation about coronavirus vaccines. Read more

Overnight Health Care. thehill.com, Feb 9: : New COVID-19 cases nationally drop below 100K for first time in 2021 | CDC warns states against lifting restrictions amid threat of virus variants | Health officials warn COVID-19 eradication unlikely. Read more

UK strain doubling every 10 days in US: study. thehill.com, Feb 7: COVID-19 strain first discovered in the U.K. is doubling in the U.S. every 10 days, presenting a potential risk of increased cases and deaths in the country, according to a study released Sunday. … The study, released on server medRxiv, has not yet been peer-reviewed or published in a medical journal. Read more

Oxford Covid vaccine has 10% efficacy against South African variant, study suggests. theguardian.com, Feb 8: Small-scale trial of vaccine shows it offers very little protection against mild to moderate infection. Read more

Covid: South Africa halts AstraZeneca vaccine rollout over new variant. bbc.com, Feb 8: South Africa has put its rollout of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine on hold after a study showed "disappointing" results against its new Covid variant. Scientists say the variant accounts for 90% of new Covid cases in South Africa. Read more

Retired county ambulance now being used to improve oral health care in Northumberland. gonorthumberland.ca, Feb 10: …The decommissioned vehicle has been donated to ‘A Gift From the Heart’ which is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving access to oral health care. The ambulance will now be used to conduct oral cancer screening throughout Northumberland County. Read more

Breakenridge: There must have been something in the water over council's fluoride cop-out. calgaryherald.com, Feb 9 [OPINION]: Calgary city councillors possessed the leadership to lower the speed limit on residential streets without going to a plebiscite. But when it came to reintroducing fluoride in the city's water supply, it was time to pass the buck, says columnist Rob Breakenridge. Read more

Long journey to new home. castanet.net, Feb 8: Immigrant couple shares journey to new home in the Okanagan and opening successful dental practices. Read more

Erin O’Toole rejects national standards for long-term care. thestar.com, Feb 9: Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole is rejecting the idea of imposing national standards on long-term-care homes as provinces struggle to address the industry’s crisis. Read more

'This is what I want to do': Ontario universities see spike in nursing applications. ctvnews.ca, Feb 8: The key role frontline staff are playing in the COVID-19 pandemic has created a surge in the number of students looking to pursue a career in nursing. The Ontario Universities’ Application Centre says that in January, the total number of nursing applications submitted reached 22,533. That’s a 17.5 per cent increase over the year before. Read more

Doctors’ virtual visits jumped by 5,600% during COVID. What does that mean for the future of Canadian health care? thestar.com, Feb 8: …“The change in care from personal to virtual was expected but the magnitude was a surprise, especially the precipitous decline in in-person visits,” said lead author Dr. Rick Glazier. Read more

Legislators may set residency limits for UI medical, dental schools. radioiowa.com, Feb 9: A bill that would limit the number of out-of-state students admitted to the medical and dental schools at the University of Iowa has cleared initial review in the Iowa House. At least 75% of the students accepted would have to be residents of Iowa or graduates of an Iowa college or university if the bill becomes law. Read more

Thousands Of Toothbrushes To Be Delivered To LAUSD Families As Part Of Massive Oral Health Campaign. losangeles.cbslocal.com, Feb 9: ... The L.A. Trust will work to get the attention of the community by informing the public about the best practices of proper oral health, along with delivering 58,000 toothbrushes and offering full or partial oral health services in the community. Read more

First exhibition in Hong Kong CEC in 2021 reinforces value of face to face events. exhibitionworld.co.uk, Feb 8: The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) welcomed its first exhibition of 2021, when the Hong Kong International Dental Expo and Symposium (HKIDEAS) was successfully organised, 22-24 January. The three-day exhibition drew an average daily attendance of over 3,000 dental professionals. Read more

Houstonians are having surgery without opioids, as more doctors say Advil works just fine. houstonchronicle.com, Feb 10: In the late 1990s, health care providers began prescribing opioids at increasingly high rates, after assurances from drug companies that the product was not addictive. But it was — very much so. ... Now, as more light is shed on the crisis caused by their use, more patients are asking for alternatives to opioids these days. Read more

Opioid overdoses 29% higher in 2020 than before the pandemic. abcnews.go.com, Feb 10: A new study indicates that the opioid crisis in the US is deepening. Read more

FDA Authorizes Marketing of Novel Device to Reduce Snoring and Mild Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Patients 18 Years and Older. fda.gov, Feb 5: ...Unlike devices used while patients sleep, this is the first device used while awake that is intended to improve tongue muscle function, which in time can help prevent the tongue from collapsing backwards and obstructing the airway during sleep. Read more

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