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2021 COVID-19 Update – Impact on the Dental Practice

Happy New Year to all! We kickstart our year with a major update on the COVID-19 situation and its impact on your dental practice. Dr. Aaron Burry, from the Professional Affairs group at CDA, treats the 3 key elements that matter the most for you as a dentist practicing in this pandemic environment. He speaks about vaccines roll-out, vaccines hesitancy and the flamed social media rumors, the validity of screening or lack thereof in light of the rapid community spread of the virus; and finally the necessity to continue to implement safety protocols in the practice.

We hope you find the conversation useful. We welcome your thoughts, questions and/or suggestions about this post and other topics. Leave a comment in the box below or send us your feedback by email.

Until next time!
Chiraz Guessaier, CDA Oasis Manager

Full Conversation (18.23")


  1. Vasant Ramlaggan January 14, 2021

    Thanks for the great information Dr. Burry. It’s absolutely amazing that professionals with health training are apprehensive on vaccines. Your description of the background of vaccines and of the processes are fantastic!

    I would love to see dentists have the ability to help vaccinate the population. We have the background to give vaccines! They are already helping in the U.S.

    Thank you Chiraz for hosting this.

    Keep safe!

  2. Mark Embridge January 22, 2021

    Thank you Dr Burry for the helpful information. My concerns are two fold. 1) How is it possible to contract covid -19 and still need to be vaccinated? Your reasoning makes absolutely no sense since your immune system should be well equipped to fight the re-infection on its own if it already handled the initial infection
    2) there is already a 3rd strain in circulation, does that mean we need to vaccinate for the first one , vaccinate for the second one, vaccinate for the third one and then start the cycles for the boosters hoping that there wouldn’t be a 4th strain in the horizon. I think everyone gets my drift. To end, I have a 4 year degree in Genetics. mRNA vaccine have never been approved before and without any long term clinical trial is suspect . Please Address these concerns in your next post.


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